Sep 24, 2015

Pope Francis's Visit To America With Rachel Maddow (+ Notes)

The Pope visits America;

Pope met with joyous reception at US arrival, though darker politics lurk - Rachel Maddow reports on the celebratory reception for the arrival of Pope Francis in the United States at a time when the world feels particularly tense, though the political right-wing in America is not particularly receptive to the pope's model of Chri

New pope presses new balance of values heading into US trip - E.J. Dionne, Jr., columnist for The Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about how past U.S. presidents have interacted with past popes, and how Pope Francis is re-balancing the values of the Catholic Church, finding American Catholics in a much...

Pope in Washington wields power to influence, inspire Rachel Maddow reviews the day Pope Francis spent in Washington, D.C., revealing a litany of things we didn't already know, and points out that this pope, who has impressed with world with his modelling of humility and charity, has the chance to make a...

Pope Francis gives voice to immigrants' plight - Congressman Xavier Bacerra talks with Rachel Maddow about the message of support Pope Francis brings for immigrants and their families, and the uplifting feeling that comes when someone with such a powerful global voice speaks on your behalf.

Pope Francis closes scornful Catholic chapter with John Kerry handshake - Rachel Maddow reviews the recent history of rabidly conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke, who made headlines by criticizing Ted Kennedy's funeral and John Kerry's worthiness of holy communion and enjoyed the favor of Pope Benedict XVI, and points out...


Rumors of The Pope's Secret Life: Reports surface that Pope Francis has been secretly sneaking out at night to help the homeless.  (02:12)... 


Salon: The plot to marginalize Bernie Sanders: The shared agenda that links Fox News and Hillary Clinton surrogates 

Nothing in Bernie Sanders’ platform qualifies as socialist, if that term has any relation at all to its historical meaning. Obsessing over Sanders’ socialist leanings is an exercise in distraction. 

What the Pope is talking about is robber baron capitalism (same as stealing) which is what the GOP promotes. 

Related post: Dick Cheney: The Ultimate Laissez-Faire Capitalist?

Proof of anti-Christlike behavior of the GOP;

The golden rule and Jesus's 2nd commandment are pretty much the same thing.

Jesus's 2nd Commandment was:

It's often called "the Golden rule" or 'do unto thers as you would have them to do to you'. - 
In image form;

This is what the GOP is like today, reflecting the complete opposite of what the Golden rule is... or in other words, the party of the opposite of the teachings of Jesus or the Anti-Christ Party;

Daily Show: "Let the record show that on January 16, 2012, the good people of South Carolina booed the Golden Rule." ― Jon Stewart...

A preacher explains in more detail (documentary style);

This following preacher explains the Golden Rule as told by Jesus in the Gospels.... 

Nailing The GOP or GOP illustrated in it's true right wing form;

John McCain: Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

I've heard people quote how Christianity is about "love" and "turn they cheek". But if the people who most loudly claim to be Christians support violence above all else and quote Bible verses such as "Vengeance is mine said The Lord" as justification for violence, then are we talking here maybe about an unacknowledged cultural blood lust inspired by the fearmongering and war mongering by the GOP.

The Iraq War Cover-Up

Proofs for the GOP being the"Party of Treason" or "The Party Of The Anti-Christ"

Economic Treason Proofs

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