Aug 24, 2015

Rachel Maddow Basically Proves That Jeb Bush Is A Liar & A Hypocrite

Jeb Bush's hypocrisy is apparent from his starting speech of 'I am my own man' to hiring all of Dick Cheney's team to be his advisers and getting his family to fundraiser for him. Of course, liberals don't like to be direct especially the liberal media who are being so polite they won't even explain about how Bush misled the nation into war and have turned this election into a sham. If they met Hitler during his rule they might have asked him politely if he was being a bit extreme in his policies. But that is another story. You are basically here to learn how ridiculously incompetent Jeb Bush is (i.e. he can't even lie properly), imagining him as President (or even not in jail) gives me the chills. If you thought misleading the nation into war and destroying the nations economy were serious GOP accomplishments then you might be surprised to learn that Jeb Bush is still pushing the same economic policies that almost destroyed the nation in 2008. (See articles below for a full listing of Jeb Bush's lies & hypocrisy)

Rachel Maddow: New hypothesis: Jeb Bush is bad at his job of running for president Rachel Maddow presents the hypothesis that Jeb Bush is bad at the job of campaigning for president and supports the argument with a litany of gaffes, misstatements and missteps that have kept the Republican candidate from meeting high expectations.

Articles Revealing Jeb Bush's Lies & Hypocrisy:

Something people forget... Jeb Bush is known to push through policies with minority support and supported his brother in his crazy ideas. Also, Bush was the one who blew the economy with the housing bubble which accidentally made Jeb Bush look good in his implementation of his treasonous economic plans (pushing proven failed economic polices IS war on citizens and qualifies as treason though until we declare a war we can't legally indict him... doesn't change the fact that he and the media are traitors... it's also what the GOP led Congress can't declare war on ISIS cause they could end up in jail for helping the enemy); 

And the scam? .... 

Note: 3 mins and 30 secs - Says 'we didn't realize housing doesn't go up forever' yet the excuse for the derivatives housing nonsense (triple AAA rated toxic assets) is 'this is the normal financial crises that occurs every 5-7 years'.

Jeb Bush's Foreign Policy Lies & Betrayals;

Video Highlights In Images;

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