Jul 17, 2015

How Does The Media Not Pick up On The 9/11 Commission SAYING That Something Was Being Hidden From Them Probably Because Of Fear Of Being Hanged?

How incompetent must the media be to notice that Benghazi is a bullshit scandal the treasonous GOP created to get people involved in but not multiple people form the 9/11 commission saying that Traitor Cheney & Traitor Bush were covering something up for fear of being hanged. Really. Media should stop calling itself media and start calling itself bullshitting cowards.

The 9/11 Commission was "set up to fail" cause they were scared of being hanged!;


On The Censuring Of The 911 Commission: "I think there are things they knew which they didn't share with the public" Philip Shenon...

Thomas Kean talks about the process of getting over two million documents in spite of bipartisan resistance to the 9/11 commission. (7:17):

Then there was the opposition to the 9/11 commission followed by reports of 9/11 commission shenanigans by the Bush Administation (Why?)

• O'Reilly falsely claimed Bush didn't oppose 9-11 Commission. O'Reilly defended President George W. Bush from a Kerry-Edwards '04 TV ad highlighting Bush's opposition to creation of the 9-11 Commission by denying that Bush had ever opposed the commission. In fact, Bush did oppose the creation of the 9-11 Commission. (10/21/04)

In depth;

9/11 Mysteries

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