Jul 16, 2015

The GOP (War Party) & Fox News Seek War With Iran As Thier Only Solution As Per Thier Policies Of Treason


One thing the GOP insist on is that the Iran deal, seeking to limit it nuclear capacity tremendously while establishing diplomatic contact with a country that the CIA destabilized in the first place (in 1952) and that Bush the Second Emperor of the GOP did under his reign, is that we should not be trying to seek peace.

They offer no other solution and even threatened Iran to try and stop the deal, so clearly they are seeking war as per thier previous track record. If we are gonna continue down this path we at least need to reinstate the draft so people are thinking rationally and indict the GOP for treason to remove thier treasonous & murderous meddling from everyone as they seek to kill everyone they can - except the rich - for profit.


Daily News calls the Republicans traitors for going behind the President's back to sabotage a deal meant to bring peace. (Normally only enemies seek to disrupt peace deals. Interestingly enough, the GOP is following a role that makes it more of an enemy of the States than anything else).

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