Jun 11, 2015

Fox News Puts A Cheery Perspective On Soldier Deaths When It Suits Their Political Needs


Benghazi is a situation where the Republican's are blaming the Democrats for the deaths of 4 Americans because of the lack of security which the GOP themselves defunded.

The following statistical video lays bare this hypocrisy by showing how the GOP & Fox News spin soldier deaths according to thier political and marketing needs... and the links below explain why with history, news reports and analysis.

The Word - Perspective - There's nothing wrong with the number 2,000. Hell, five years ago we were celebrating it. (3:41)

Simply looking at the GOP's record on dealing with Soldiers once they return home makes it clear where they stand;

Article News Reports;

Images summarizing the situation;

What's going on here? A taste...

GOP - The War Party - Illustrated

On Benghazi;

Benghazi's Lack Of Conspiracy... Exposed?

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