Jun 10, 2015

No Matter What A GOP Leader Says In An Election They Always Pass Right Wing Laws For Women When In Office

Here is the example of the North Carolina Governor followed by another Mainstream Republican who did the same thing when he was running for President in 2012;

North Carolina governor breaks promise again on new abortion laws - Rachel Maddow reports that despite stating emphatically before being elected that he would not sign into law any new abortion restrictions, Governor Pat McCrory has now signed two new abortion restrictions into law.

Here is Mitt Romney doing the same thing, i.e. lying in a General election and doing the opposite later as Governor;

,... and you could get laws like this: Arizona lawmakers declare that pregnancy begins two weeks before conception. (04:22)(on a Federal scale! Cause while the GOP argues for limited Government in watching over thier corporations they certainly want more government to watch over women and help them make the "right" decision)...

And then Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan tried to lie in the general election and distance themselves from their records;

Despite dodges, Romney, Ryan haunted by extremist record

Rachel Maddow points out the clear political and policy connections between the Romney ticket and the extreme, absolutist anti-abortion movement, and encourages the political media to hold Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to account for their legislative deeds and political associations instead of taking them at their word as they try to distance themselves from their own record...

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Why do the GOP have to do this? Because this is the kind of "science" they believe in (for some strange or sick reason);

Doctors debunk Rep. Todd Akin's comments on rape and pregnancy...

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