May 28, 2015

CNN Wonders Why Baltimore Is Protesting On It's White House Correspondent Dinner's Night & Asks Them To Wait Till The Party Is Over

Supperbad & Guardians of the Gala - The media lavishly celebrates at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner despite racially charged riots raging in nearby Baltimore. (9:11)

CNN had about 40 minutes of interesting things to cover for thier party (which was the most important news for them that day, viewers from social media be damned;

But CNN spent the whole day on it!

Fiddling away while Rome burned to the ground. Apt metaphor

Baltimore was literally going through a firestorm while these guys talked about thier party (which is a tradition and not because of any competence in reporting):

i.e. people are using social media to let CNN know about actual news (kinda what they claim they use social media for) and they are divorcing that fact from reality. Maybe only if all viewers call in would they listen?

This just gets trippy. They are talking about their conversation in the third person as if it's an event occurring on its own and that they can't control it despite having access to actual news sources and to thier mouths where the noise creating the conversation is coming from. (Maybe this party is one of the reasons reporters are betraying thier country (either deliberately or through self-deception);

Clearly, they can ignore it and ignore it they did.

This is just hilarious. The channel spends all day promoting their party and then they blame the people they convinced to watch them for not wanting to hear the news. Whoever is writing these scripts is a twisted person (possibly Republican);

A guy actually explained why focusing on thier party was more important, i.e. you can find the news if you search for it! 

The point is CNN ignored real news to act like an entertainment channel (which seems to be thier business model since the GOP got onto the board of that company);


Guardians of the Gala - CNN Goes There - During the media's celebration at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, the night's intended purpose -- highlighting deserving scholarship winners -- is almost forgotten. (3:09)

Jon Stewart talks about how they started off the show with going after the news networks for embarrassing America (something which they have done alot of and continue to do) and shows some more embarrassing stuff about one of America's premium news networks (Fox News being a little more than embarrassing, i.e. a danger to National Security is the best way to describe them).

Moment of Zen (Making Excuses For Lack Of Reporting)- 

This Time Tomorrow - CNN contributor Errol Louis assures viewers that they can find out the actual news once the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner is over. (1:35)


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