May 28, 2015

A Bad Idea By The Daily Show: #FUCO - Democrats and Republicans F**king Cooperate


Daily Show got inspired by some co-operation shown on an emerging news fact people can agree upon.

#FUCO - Democrats and Republicans F**king Cooperate - An unwelcomed micromanager interrupts Hasan Minhaj's report on a rare coalition that brings Democrats and Republicans together to end mass incarceration. (5:44)

Although on mass incarceration there has been some rare co-operation between Republicans and Democrats (probably the result of policy positions held by Ron Paul & Rand Paul), that's no reason for Democrats to co-operate with the GOP. If we have a political structure like England that was sane then I would understand;

Uncensored - Britain's Non-Issues - Jordan Klepper attempts to infuse British politics with more inflammatory rhetoric when he learns that guns, abortion and same-sex marriage are not contested election topics. (5:03)

... but here we have a debate between Truth & Lies. If we compromise we end up with a half truth or a half lie. With the GOP we would get a country destroying itself slower if we compromise and faster if we give up fighting them. Fortunately and unfortunately the key to indicting the GOP lies in the hands of the people people protecting them... the media (the Justice Department is clearly not going to help but they do seem to keep responding to social outcry in the form of vocal and prolonged protests).

The example I most use to try and explain why co-operating with GOP-Republicans is bad as thier economic policies are proven failures and is illustrated by this video;

In other words, if we compromise between real economics and fake economics what do you think we will get? A booming economy or a sluggish one or worse?

We know that Reagan's economic policies were failures. We know the Bush dynasty's economic policies are failures. We know the GOP is pushing the same - PROVEN - failed economic policies once again (clearly they are intentionally attacking the American economy). Compromising with people who are doing something bad so it's only half as bad .... is like compromising with someone who wants to chop off your arm and thus saving half your arm as a result of your compromise. A noble endeavor but this situation shouldn't exist  in the first place, especially in a civilized society.

My point is this; If you try and compromise with a murderer to not kill too many people, that would be a noble thing to do (minimize the number of people killed) UNLESS you can arrest them and stop the murderer from murdering people in the first place.

The only reason to compromise with the GOP would be because they have become dictators and America is lost.

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