Apr 18, 2015

The GOP's Interesting Religious Positions On Women's Issues & The Weather

The GOP is using religion to justify slandering women and making up medieval age reasons for the weather.

First, how "God" is going to be one of the strategies some GOP are going to use to fight Hillary, which shows they are fundamentalist religious party & not a constitutional one.

Clinton hits 'fun deficit,' Perry staffer doubts God wants female president Rachel Maddow reports on headlines from some of the bigger names likely to pursue the presidency in 2016, including a Hillary Clinton speech on summer camp for adults, Rick Perry's questionable new hire, and the influence of Scott walker's union busting.

Second, notice how blaming bad events on God and not using science to explain the disasters has become an epidemic giving the impression that the back waters of America may be one of the backwaters of the western world (even Christian musicians seem to think America was the first in the western world to ban slavery when it was actually the last - another reason why every other white country on this planet sees America as a backwater country to some extent);

Nashville Flooding - God destroys New Orleans and Nashville -- two American cities with great musical traditions. (2:28)

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WI agency bans mention of climate changeChris Hayes talks to the only member of the Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands to vote against a prohibition on discussion or work related to climate change. Duration: 6:32

Aggressive steps to fight climate change California enacted water restrictions to fight the drought impacting the state, while Pres. Obama continues to set ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gases. Ed Schultz, Sen. Edward Markey, Tiernan Sittenfeld and Jon Wood discuss.

Florida worker sent home for sharing climate change views?Even as Florida Governor Rick Scott denies reports of an unwritten policy banning administration officials from using the term "climate change," an employee of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection says he was suspended for expressing his views on climate change. He joins Chris Hayes to tell his story.

'Ignorance is deadly' about climate changeRepublicans denial of climate change could have irreversible effects, as states like California are “sounding the alarm” on the serious drought caused by the warming temperatures. Ed Schultz, Rep. John Garamendi, Paul Douglas, Peter Gleick and Scott Paul

Clean energy independence by 2050 Complete clean energy independence may be well within reach, and achievable despite naysayers in Congress. Ed Schultz and the architect of the plan Amory Lovins discuss in conjunction with MSNBC's 7 Days of Genius.

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Louisiana locals fight plan to burn millions of pounds of military wasteBrian Salvatore, L.S.U. chemistry professor, talks with Rachel Maddow about the fight by one community in Louisiana to find an alternative to the burning of millions of pounds of discarded artillery propellant stockpiled in an open field.

Can this country go ‘carbon-neutral’ by 2021? Chris Hayes talks with the Costa Rican ambassador to the U.S., Román Macaya, about how Costa Rica was able to go months without burning fossil fuels.

Fighting the GOP's climate-denying policy Wealthy environmentalists plan to invest heavily into the 2016 race, fact-checking and highlighting the climate-denying policies of Republican candidates. Ed Schultz, Christopher Lehane, and Jon Wood discuss. Duration: 8:11

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