Apr 11, 2015

Jon Stewart Gets Irritated At Hillary For The Silly & Unnecessary Email Scandal

Jon Stewart, being a liberal who helped shaped the idea of transparency on the left (the conservative version of which doesn't exist on the right), provides a good indication of how Democrats feel about the developments in email scandal;

On Her Majesty's Secret Server - Hillary Clinton claims that her decision to use her personal email account while Secretary of State was simply for convenience. (4:54)

The statement;

Jon Stewart gets irritated as this whole scandal could have been avoided;

Here Hillary is basically saying she followed the law (which even a CNN report proves);

Next, something that could have been a scandal if lack of email copies wasn't a department wide problem making making the hardest hit ones from this scandal the Republicans, ironically, as both Jeb Bush & Huckabee used thier own servers and took the servers with them when they left (Huckabee erased ALL his info as Governor!). Jeb Bush even broke Florida law over his emails while Hillary didn't, technically, break Federal law over hers... that is the most interesting outcome of this fiasco;

Well, she clearly had someone else doing her deleting for her. That said, Jon Stewart is pissed that protocol wasn't followed perfectly... like someone not using the recycling trash cans properly, i.e. it's irritating.

Side note: Daily Show predicted that the results of this debate would have a partisan divide... meaning he can pick on Hillary on this issue and it won't matter;

Moment of Zen - Do You Trust Hillary Clinton? - MSNBC's Ed Schultz asks viewers if they trust Hillary Clinton after her email scandal. (0:18)

The polling has proven Jon Stewart's prediction;

Hillary Rodham Clinton

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