Mar 8, 2015

Jon Stewart Catches Netanyahu for Repeating What He Said About Iran From 1996 While Others Reminds Us He Helped Dick Cheney Mislead Us Into A War With Iraq

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The Daily Show - Without consulting with the White Hour beforehand, Speaker of the House John Boehner invites Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to appear before Congress. (9:52)

In Netantyahu's speech he said Iraq would be close to a bomb...

Jon Stewart asks why Netanyahu didn't bring this up earlier;

Jon Stewart remember that Netanyahu did warn about Iran before... in 1996! i.e. Netanyahu has been claiming imminent danger for almost 2 decades. Clearly he's doing with Iraq what Cheney did with Iraq.

To top it off, Netanyahu helped Dick Cheney in lying about Iraq as well!

Netanyahu reprises 2002 Iraq alarm with Iran warning to Congress - Rachel Maddow reminds viewers of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's 2002 testimony to Congress about Iraq WMDs as context for his speech on Iran as members of Congress made an unprecedented spectacle of showing allegiance to a foreign head of state.

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Like Jon Stewart point out above, there is nothing new in what Netanyahu said. He's been saying it since 1996.

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Bibi's Big Adventure - The Media Comeback Kid - When Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit to Congress prompts dueling ads in The New York Times, Aasif Mandvi sees an opportunity for print media to become profitable. (3:47)

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