Mar 7, 2015

John Stossel & The Fake Budget (Debt) Outcry

GOP-Conservatives (Including "Conservative Libertarians") Seem To Like Only Two Options: War Or Austerity! (though the "conservative Libertarians" like to pretend they are against war... 'but they have to support it cause that's what the people want' i.e. they leave out the fact that media creates public opinion to a great degree)

This is an overview of the fake economics John Stossel sells on Fox Business (sister channel to Fox News).

John Stossel = "I think it will take visible riots to help people focus on this thing" (i.e. he is lying to his followers about our budget/debt problem and encouraging them to riot fulfilling one of the basic purposes of the GOP which is to sow discord in it's enemy, the American People)
The example he uses is of Greece whose debt problem is so much worse than ours that it's not even in the same category.

Here is an example of gross inefficiency from Greece (money wasted into unfulfilled projects):

In the southern suburbs of Athens, the abandoned terminal building at the city's old international airport stands as a symbol of promises unfulfilled.

Closed down a decade ago, the site includes 170 acres of prime coastal land on the shores of the Aegean sea and for some time there have been ambitious plans to sell it for redevelopment to the Gulf state of Qatar.

But so far they are just that - plans. And that makes the rest of the eurozone jumpy. 

US debt is much less than Greece and Obama has added less percentage of debt than Bush did (it took some debt to get us out of the mess the GOP's "economic" policies left us in as well as winding down the unpaid & unfinanced Bush wars not to mention Bush's unpaid prescription plan... was Bush intentionally trying to break the economy?)

Note: The GOP & Fox like to mix up percentages with numerical values (i.e. like they did with immigration) to confuse people and sow dissension like a communist enemy might do.

IN any case, the debt problem isn't what we are being led to believe it is from the right. The whole argument on the right arose from false mathematics in a bad economic study. Unfortunately, the right no longer cares about science of math (a branch of science), now they scream about the debt, without knowing or seeking to know anything, as just a matter of "principle". 

 Revenue + Expenditure = A State ... the example of Kansas;

Note: Left out unfunded Bush wars + the huge reduction in taxes for the rich which is the single largest contributor towards the debt i.e. if you don't remove the causes of a problem the problem will persist. Bush admits to this below.
Reminder: Republican rule put the country on the brink on economic collapse (remember 2008-09?). Even George Bush said that he didn't understand that his ideological position of no taxes etc. turned out to be bad for the economy (hehe) 
Past GOP hypocrisy on this issue showing a pattern of behavior:

 On raising the debt ceiling OR 'putting the debt ceiling in context':
Above: George Bush increased the debt ceiling in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006. 2007 and twice in 2008 with no question by the GOP Congress.

Miscellaneous article: 10 Things the GOP Doesn't Want You to Know About the Debt

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