Mar 10, 2015

Exclusive: The Daily Show Smashes Ex-Judge Andrew Napolitano's Credibility On History

I know this is about the Daily Show but notice that the Iraq War was even less historically necessary (makes one wonder of Napolitano's value system) and while the South launched the first attack starting the civil war it was the Southern based party (the GOP) that misled the nation into the war with Iraq. The historical continuity is so startling you can express it with this cartoon.

Moving on the the daily show smashing Napolitano's credibility on history.

Exclusive - Andrew Napolitano Extended Interview Pt. 1 - In this exclusive, unedited interview, Fox News commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano questions the historical necessity of the Civil War. (6:49)

Exclusive - Andrew Napolitano Extended Interview Pt. 2 - Judge Andrew Napolitano compares the moral purpose of America's Revolutionary War and the Civil War and questions Abraham Lincoln's ultimate motivations. (5:54)

Exclusive - The Weakest Lincoln - In this extended clip, Judge Andrew Napolitano and Abraham Lincoln compete in a numbers game about the true cost of the Civil War. (7:31)

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