Mar 10, 2015

The Nightly Show: Larry Wilmore Thinks That The GOP Has A Confusing Stance On Civil Rights Issues

The problem here may be a misunderstanding of history. If you keep in mind the GOP's anti-science tendencies (part 1, part 2, part 3) and the GOP's anti-truth in education tendencies (part 1 & part 2), then the fact that they don't understand how statistics and present party is so different can be easily explained, i.e. the GOP are dumb.


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Bill Cosby issues a confusing message to his fans, and several Republican leaders skip out on a commemoration of the historic civil rights march in Selma, AL. (7:25)

Editors Note: By combining both of these together Larry Wilmore is saying that the GOP is sending out a confusing message.

Given how much Fox News lies Larry Wilmore thinks they may be lying again. He cites a statistic that shows that "Republicans" voted FOR civil rights in higher numbers than the democrats did and thinks maybe the Republicans got this right!

Seeing this statistic, Larry Wilmore makes the point that if Republican Senators supported civil rights before they should do again. However, this is a mistaken assumption. There may be some who Fox News have misled, but they do not have the same base as did the Republicans of old.

You see, the Republicans of today actually are more like the Democrats of the civil rights era. There was a switch around under Nixon in the late1960's , well after the early 1960's when the civil rights movement occurred. Technically, the Republicans are being perfectly consistent with the racist Democrats of the 1960's because with Nixon's switch the "the Southern Strategy" ( Nixon’s bigger crime: Southern strategy now those ex-Democrats turned Republican are the people they represent. IN other words, the racist Democrats of the 1960's switch parties under influence of Nixon's propaganda and are now Republican. Mystery explained.

Now, lets go into more detail;

Notice how Ron Paul says the Republicans freed the slaves and led the civil rights movement... which is true... but the Republicans now are the Democrats who opposed freeing the slaves and the opposed the civil rights movement. What happened? The political strategy of the Republicans changed and the Democrats and Republicans switched their bases. So strangely enough, modern Republicans who are actually descendants of the Southern Democrats are claiming to have supported blacks when they historically did the opposite. It's hilarious!

Brave and crazy Kentucky Senator Rand Paul plunges headfirst into a prestigious university symposium filled with high achieving students. 



When Richard Nixon courted voters with his Southern Strategy, many Democrats became Republicans and the South became fertile ground for the GOP, which conversely was becoming more conservative as the Democrats were becoming more liberal. However, Democratic incumbents still held sway over voters in many states, especially those of the Deep South. Although Republicans won most presidential elections in Southern states starting in 1964, Democrats controlled nearly every Southern state legislature until the mid-1990s and had a moderate(although not huge) amount of members in state legislatures until 2010. In fact, until 2002, Democrats still had much control over Southern politics. It wasn't until the 1990s that Democratic control gradually collapsed, starting with the elections of 1994, in which Republicans gained control of both houses of Congress, through the rest of the decade. Republicans first dominated presidential elections in the South, then controlled Southern gubernatorial and U.S. Congress elections, then took control of elections to state legislatures and lastly came to control local offices in the South. Southern Democrats of today who vote for the Democratic ticket are mostly urban liberals. Rural residents tend to vote for the Republican ticket, although there are a sizable number of Conservative Democrats. "Republicans were always mostly in the Northern states ever since the Civil war. Also republicans favored a strong central government, hence Abraham Lincoln using the most federal power in history. The democratic party was always mostly in the southern states ever since the civil war because many Democrats supported slavery which was mostly in the South. Up unitl 1976 did democrats start to be mostly in the northern states and republicans in the southern states like it is today. They basically flip flopped demographics and ideas over 150 years."

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