Mar 20, 2015

A Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton Matchup: A Woman Married To An Ex-President VS. A Dynastical Clan Of Presidents

Jeb vs. Hillary: The race America deserves? Chris Hayes explains why a general election between two dynastic candidates (one purely dynastic and the other the wife of an ex-president so just appears to be dynastic to the uneducated observer)-- Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton -- would hold up a mirror to the state of American democracy.


Jeb Bush has almost the exact same foreign policy team as his brother;

Take a look at the Iraq War, something even some of conventional media talks about, and notice how much damage this team has already done:

Iraq War Highlighted

He just doesn't want to look bad if he has a chance to win the election without using immoral means that tons of money can buy.

The first George Bush's father was a Senator (who have such long terms you might as well call them mini dictators), then the First Bush Presidency, followed by the second Bush Presidency... and now conservatives are looking at a third Bush family clam member like a cult might look to the family of a priest for guidance... as they have done for decades.

Mitt Happens - Mitt Romney competes with Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and a long list of dark horses for the Republican nomination.  (04:01):

This is an interesting observation:

The important distinction to be made here is that Hillary is just a woman who HAPPENS to be married to an ex-President which seems to have given her the impetus to pursue her own political career as a woman in modern American society where GOP women argue for staying at home and raising kids while helping the husband... Hillary did both. On the other hand, Jeb Bush is part of a dynasty of political leaders of the GOP from the same family;

A side by side comparison of Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton;

Jeb Bush

Hillary Rodham Clinton

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