Feb 15, 2015

Syria 3 - A Look At Syria Using Graphic Photos To Understand The Type Of Genocidal War Assad Al Bashar Is Waging

In graphic words & images... the kind of violence we seem to be able to live with o Syria works out like this... 

The Colbert Report
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Here is a visual comparison on what our media has led us to accept as "morally acceptable":

I understand Libertarians argue non-involvement which I support in theory. Problem here is that our involvement in the whole region and especially Syria is so clear that there is no way to determine if Syria would have collapsed as it has if it wasn't for us. Factor in all the evidence of the GOP's involvement and we have a serious problem of citizens using their influence to destabilize countries for fun and/or profit. How can we shout "non-involvement" we we have been involved from the start? Our allies, the British, even created those countries and set up their rulers.

That said, there seems to always be a psychological backlash in culture when people let Genocide go unchallenged. It's appears to grow and take on a life of it's own. The Nazis genocide of the Jews went on for a while before they started to expand thier empire. Genocide, anywhere, unstopped, seems to grow and take on a life of it's own. As the world gets smaller, the problems of genocide on our global culture just get compounded.

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