Feb 13, 2015

Some Of Jeb Bush's Strange History Related to Florida & Some Strange GOP Floridian History!

Rachel Maddow: Jeb Bush caught in conflict over Cuba embargo - Rachel Maddow reports on how Jeb Bush, fresh off the starting line of a presidential bid, suffered embarrassment after grandstanding in support of the embargo of Cuba when it was revealed that he was being paid by a bank that violated that embargo. 

Corruption Highlights


Sigh! It looks like Jeb Bush is following in the same footsteps as Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan...

Floridian History Of The GOP

"Bad economic news is great news for Mitt Romney, so conservatives must drag everyone down in the dumps to get America back on track." i.e. Romney's attitude = "If it ain't broke, insist that it is..." i.e. Lie to win is a prominent GOP strategy and Rick Scott is GOP who was there, with Rick Perry (see link above) & Jeb Bush (see election fraud evidence below), setting up the laws in Florida for the last several years.
Florida: Not In The News For Election Fraud!

The Presidential Election of 2000 was stolen by the Bush-Cheney Campaign and the Florida GOP,Jeb BushKatherine HarrisCounty Election Officials, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Media, andAttorney General John Ashcroft

The list below documents all of the crimes that were committed to steal the election. These were not isolated instances of carelessness - they were deliberate election fraud. We believe these crimes are so serious that they should be given a name: FLORIDAGATE. 

FLORIDAGATE is the nation's biggest scandal since Watergate. So why isn't the mainstream media reporting the story? Because the media - especially the huge broadcast networks - were participants in the crime, and are now participants in the coverup. So is Attorney General John Ashcroft, who should be investigating these crimes. Meanwhile, Democratic leaders in Washington are afraid to demand a thorough investigation, because they know they would be viciously attacked by the Republican propaganda machine. 

We demand a thorough investigation of FLORIDAGATE. Sign our petition.
Understanding Why Deception Comes So Naturally To FOx News... The GUY RUNNING FOX NEWS WAS WITH NIXON DURING WATERGATE
As you can see below, GOP Florida Always Profiles In A Very Negative way (It's practically a tradition!)

"The Florida Family Association believes that "All-American Muslim" is educationally harmful to America's belief structure. As Jon Stewart puts it, "The problem in the show is the ABSENCE of radicals"... as much as I think this show is extremely corny I would have to say they got that part right...


Jeb Bush Starts Off His Campaign Proving He Doesn't Care About Anyone But Himself

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