Feb 25, 2015

Power + Lack Of Accountability = Atrocity - Part 3 - Lack Of Transparency & Accountability In Federal Government Investigations (An Introduction)


As the CIA (John Brennan) opposes any report on it's deeds and with the right wing media supporting this lack of transparency & accountability from the CIA... standing fast to the unprovable belief that torture provided useful information. All I can think of is that now even the CIA is becoming religious (ideological) in their beliefs OR the CIA really did get useful information from their torture activities such as does rectal re hydration really work (who came up with this? AN evil homer Simpson?), when a person breaks or even if a person will repudiate their religion after a certain amount of torture.

I thought this would be a good time to remind us how we have a constitutional government (one with rights that can only be enforced by transparency AND accountability) - or supposed to - agencies walking around dictating whether a report about them should or should not be published is not something to be expected in a democracy but in a dictatorship. Next, I'll look into news report videos. This is just an introduction into federal government investigation issues.

Faith in police flags with long record of failed indictments

Rachel Maddow shows that where statistics exist, the record of law enforcement organizations from the FBI to the NYPD investigating their own conduct shows a result that does little to help flagging public confidence in objective justice. 

CIA Torture Report - Tom Blanton - National Security Archive Director Tom Blanton discusses how the CIA paid two psychologists $81 million to develop the agency's enhanced interrogation program. (5:18) (They got the job cause they were friends with the people in the CIA who decided to give their friends 81 million dollars for their knowledge on torture. A "patriotic" bonus?)

People feeling bad for someone even though they broke the law. It's sad that lack of accountability can come from something like this...

ACLU chief recommends pardoning Bush administration officials for torture
Rachel Maddow reports on an upcoming op-ed in the New York Times from ACLU executive director Anthony Romero, arguing that President Obama should at least pardon Bush officials for torture to establish 
that torture is a crime that needs a pardon.

The sheer madness of this sudden turn towards torture;

CIA shift to torture from productive interrogation puzzles
Rachel Maddow tells the story of how al Qaida member Abu Zubaydah was interrogated into giving useful information until contractors were sent in to torture him, at which point he ceased to be productive. 

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