Feb 25, 2015

Power + Lack Of Accountability = Atrocity - Part 2 - The Federal Government's Torture Program


This post just provides an accurate overview of some of the things we are learning about, about the Bush Administration's lies about their secret - and ineffective - torture program (many "security" officials from that Administration are still in charge of our "security"). This post continues to look at the top down trend that is making our country look more like a third world country.
CIA Torture Report - Tom Blanton - National Security Archive Director Tom Blanton discusses how the CIA paid two psychologists $81 million to develop the agency's enhanced interrogation program. (5:18) (They got the job cause they were friends with the people in the CIA who decided to give their friends 81 million dollars for their knowledge on torture. A "patriotic" bonus?)
US torture a current matter, not yet history
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse talks with Rachel Maddow about why he believes the Senate report on Bush-era CIA torture had to be released and what should be done as so much of the report pertains to current policy and personnel. 

Keep in mind that these policies on torture was cancelled by executive order by Obama:
Extract“I think we were fundamentally justified and I would do it again in a minute,” said former Vice President Dick Cheney on Wednesday about the Bush administration’s use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” now characterized as torture in a scathing 1,603-page Senate report.

It's disturbing to think that if the GOP return to the White House we could easily get a repeat of the Bush Administration. Torture is only banned by executive order, Dick Cheney made a ton of money through Halliburton in Iraq (obviously he would want to invade again), not to mention the possibility of another "9/11" happening just so they can invade Iran - as the right has been pushing for a while (& their base is primed for blood)... there'a also the fact that Dick Cheney knew Iraq would fall apart if he invaded...
Note: When saying that "legally this was not torture" is like saying "legally, insider trading is not a crime for Congress because they passed a law saying it was OK for them".

CIA Torture Report - The Senate releases a report filled with shocking revelations about the CIA's brutal interrogation methods. (2:48) 

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