Feb 23, 2015

MSNBC's Morning Joe Supports & Promotes False Information Thus Acting More Like A Gossip Show Than A News Show

Besides Joe's random comments supporting the Iraq War (with msnbc's history of having fired an antiwar voice when it wasn't helping the Cheney invade, means it isn't really that random), what I find most interesting is his use of the same people who lied about Iraq when they led us into it (which Jon Stewart slams the media for as the media didn't do it's job of reporting on Iraq and still isn't!... while calling it 'the fog of war'. I doubt that. It's probably the fog of being bribed. It's legal to do that now.)

Even if you are too emotionally involved to look at the GOP with fresh eyes, the fact that EVERYTHING the neo-cons of the Iraq War have said has proven to be disastrously wrong cannot be ignored.

Bill Crystal is the perfect example of someone who has not just been wrong but spectacularly wrong over a long period of time. Only a bankrupt journalistic and social code could possibly allow such nonsense to perpetuate. Watch how this charlatan is given media time and Joe does some decoys after I tweeted to him during the show...

(Tweets are here & here)

Kristol: I think Scott Walker is doing fine - The Morning Joe panel discusses the fight over authorization for President Obama to expand and develop the war against ISIS; the family of Kayla Mueller's recent comments on her death; Scott Walker and Rudy Giuliani.

Scott Walker isn't doing fine. Even if he wasn't making a fool of himself and the Republican party here, he already did in the UK which would play havoc in a real election (not the fake GOP ones). They just leave that part out and focus on the GOP's talking point of 'its the media'.

Rachel Maddow: Bill Kristol Is Always Wrong
Rachel Maddow reports on the steps taken by President Barack Obama to impose sanctions on individual Russians as well as specific parts of Russian industry and business over the annexation of Crimea. She also responds to Bill Kristol calling Obama weak and goes through many examples of how he has been 

What explains Joe's familiarity with such people as Bill Crystal? Well, Joe is GOP and, until recently (I suppose, since everyone seemed to think Joe was a Liberal), he was pretending to be a liberal but now Morning Joe is openly being called a 'center right show' when in reality Joe is just following GOP's tactics which don't qualify as news cause they don't qualify as facts...

Daily Show introduces Morning Joe (extract from here):
Note: For some reason the feelings of a Governor matters more than his actions. Certainly not a fair and balanced show as they are not holding - nor do they want to - hold someone with power and money held accountable for tier crimes. It's more like a high school type atmosphere... always trying to kiss up to the top dogs to get to a higher point in the popularity ratings.

In any case, this would be enough except for the fortunate coincidence of catching Joe in the act when he started echoing GOP talking points (as "conservatives" in the media tend to do) but in this case it was a mistake so we have double proof - besides years of his morning shows where he shows his allegiance pretty obviously - of Joe rant non-factual information as news when attacking Obama.

The "conservative non-fact based echo chamber begins it's job spreading mis-information to help slander Obama & reduce his ratings...


Slandering Obama continues from one "reporter" to another...


On and on and on it goes...

... and here is Joe parroting the lies started by the GOP "conservatives" in their echo chamber;


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