Feb 27, 2015

Information/Press 5 - A Few Keys To Help Determine Who The GOP Plants Are

The main key to finding a plant in the media by the GOP-Republicans is to notice what sort of logic the person uses. If the logic is twisted and only the craziest or dumbest people agree with him, then we are dealing with a GOP representative. A GOP representative will be exhibit hypocrisy in how they treat one candidate with another, will ignore facts that prove them wrong and will often use emotional keywords and tactics to persuade people to their side. Liberals often like to get along so they will agree with some thing a GOP plant says and the plant will use this tendency to chip away at reason to promote their brand of treason and lies. There is no compromise between truth and treason. It would be like agreeing with a murderer that killing is fine so you can get other/some things done. Which some people will do, but most people will understand that this is wrong.

This post introduces the reader to how the media promotes societal instability, that leads to an increase in killings/murder, with it's lies.

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Finding someone using the GOP talking points to mislead the public is easy.

 All you gotta do is find the explanations that lack any evidence but are heavy with emotion (they will often use words like "gut feeling" to pretend to have some sort of intuition about the info they are about to plant i.e. it's not a reporter's job to talk about their "gut feeling" on anything, as soon as they do they are not even pretending to report news anymore). Emotional manipulation while ignoring the context is the GOP's whole strategy.

All you have to do to make sure this person is misled or has malicious intent is to make them aware of the facts and see how they react. A plant will never move towards truth as that's not their job. They will either go silent till the next talking point emerges or will try to dissuade you from the facts and on to their side.

Rick Santorum demonstrates how this strategy works...

Rick Santorum Speaks from His "Heart" i.e. says whatever comes into his head as if it was true but it isn't - as usual as of sep 14 2014 - California Colleges Rick Santorum criticizes California universities after reading something from the state of California.  (03:58):  
If a child makes a decision on his or her feelings the first day they ever attend school (or even throughout thier school life) and the question is "do I want to go to school" the answer will be "no" even if that activity is good for them i.e. going to school to get an education.  It's why we raise our kids to do stuff that doesn't feel immediately good so they can have a better life in the long run. If the evidence says one thing but another way feels better for whatever non-factual reason, we teach our kids to follow the evidence. Some kids don't get that sort of help and spend thier lives lying and using thier feelings to make decision especially if being popular amongst certain people is part of the decision making process .

GOP "Conservatives" make decisions with their feelings irrespective of the facts if that feels better to the particular individual saying them (and truth is often hard to swallow thus the edifice of lies the GOP is compelled to create everyday grows and grows without end. All you have to do is wait and they will embed themselves deep in a bed of lies as if they have an assassination squad to silence dissent and facts). The people listening just think its truthful because it's a news channel (that's the power of hearing lies from an "accredited" news source). 

Lets Get One Fact Out Of The Way... The Media DOES Influence Public Opinion...

TAKEWAY: The news media DOES influence public opinion and the people in the media know this. Obviously the source where people get their information from will influence their opinions, thus the media DOES have the ability to mislead the public... all it has to do is misreport the news, lie about the news, make up facts or simply leave out facts that would help people make better decisions. 

Thus for someone wishing to mislead the American People, owning as much of the media as possible to create echo chambers is very important indeed. That said I'm sure Obama has made some mistakes but I don't think any of them have been covered by the mainstream media as they can all be traced to policies signed into law by Bush or Reagan.

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