Feb 24, 2015

GOP's War On Education 1 : An Off-Shoot Of It's War On Truth? (Examples Of Texas & Arizona)

Introduction: Texas School's Textbooks

1. Since no one knows who Oscar Romero is, the Texas school board decides not to include him in the curriculum.

The point of education is to teach kids stuff they don't know, not stuff they do know.

2. Observation on teaching standards in the US (as they develop from kindergarden to elementary)...

At 3 mins- Stewart is right. All this proves is teaching standards go down from class 1 so by class 3 all the early gains are lost. The brain is still going in class 3 even by 19th Century science standards. What the hell is going on? BTW, this bad teaching techniques/effectiveness data fits my other research on this subject

3. Loyola Law School inflates grades, Texas can't afford new science textbooks, and Wal-Mart helps its workers get college degrees.

Going Deeper (Arizona)...

School board to rip out textbook's abortion mention - Rachel Maddow reports on an Arizona town's school board's decision to remove references to abortion in a high school honors biology textbook by literally tearing out the page containing the offending references. Maddow offers students an alternative.

Fear of facts threatens biology textbooks - Rachel Maddow reports on an update to ArizonaHonorsBiology.com, hosting pages of high school biology text books that anti-abortion activists are trying to have removed, literally, to prevent biology students from learning facts about human reproduction.

Arizona law leads to ‘edit’ of biology textbook

Glimmer of hope for those Arizona honors biology textbooks


Rachel Maddow trolls anti-science Tea Party school board members in the best way possible - The MSNBC host finds a brilliant way to stop Arizona conservatives from censoring biology textbook

Textbook tearing crosses line for even reddest voters
Rachel Maddow reports that the school board that voted to tear out pages from the honors biology textbook to remove mentions of abortion has lost its tea party majority, leaving the censorship plan in question. ArizonaHonorsBiology.com remains, just in case.

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