Feb 18, 2015

Fox News: GOP's Executive Order & Government Shutdown Hypocrisy

GOP are using the same strategy on immigration as they have with the Affordable care act. GOP created a schizo public and now have to be careful not to use Obamacare & Affordable care act in the same sentence cause the approval ratings for the Affordable Care Act (the official name of Obamacare) is actually very high if you look at the statistics  (74% of Republicans found it at least somewhat satisfying! Fox News just programmed it's audience to react negatively to the word Obamacare. A basic hypnosis technique called "an anchor").

We heading  into similar territory with the continuation of their shutdown strategy on Obamacare but being used on Immigration. For example; Obama is helping the same percentage of people Bush & Reagan helped...

History exposes GOP immigration outcry as bogus
Rachel Maddow reviews instances of Presidents Reagan and H.W. Bush taking executive action on immigration, contrary to anti-Obama Republicans who insist that President Obama’s proposed action in the absence of a bill from Congress is unprecedented.

More on GOP's outright hypocrisy already demonstrated by John McCain in his hypocritical flip flops.

VIDEO: GOP employs selective memory on immigration
John Stanton, Buzzfeed DC bureau chief, talks with Rachel Maddow about the extent to which Republican animosity toward President Obama biases them against policies, like immigration reform, that they might otherwise support.

Jon Stewart outlines the GOP's hypocrisy on executive orders and their more recent denial of responsibility proving the GOP are totally too incompetent to be in office.

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