Nov 7, 2013

The Keystone Pipeline Scandal

Why the Keystone XL Pipeline is wrong...

1. Citizens don't want their property destroyed:

"See the land owners and citizens of Nebraska as they voice thier concerns about the Trans Canada XL Pipeline which could affect the protected Sandhills and drinking water supply"...

2. The Keystone Pipeline creates ONLY a few temporary jobs (i.e. it's a pipeline... how many people do you need to manage the pipes in your house? None):

"The State Department said in a report to Congress yesterday that the pipeline would create 5,000 to 6,000 construction jobs during the two years needed to build the project, based on labor expenses TransCanada included in its application."

3. On Fracking...

Fracking DID cause ELEVEN earthquakes in Ohio last year How fracking might have led to an Ohio earthquake Ohio Earthquake Likely Caused by Fracking Wastewater
I once explained what a depression would be like here. The "stimulus" was badly mismanaged as shown here because of this.
Just so there is no misunderstanding of my position... "The more money that is invested into a method that will choke us also sets up the next 'too big too fail' companies, since if we get too a point where we have to cut down on carbon release to survive then we have to bail out the companies or face another contraction [although since effective government spending (stimulus) may be too difficult for the US, we may be better off letting them fail when we get to that point.]" i.e. since redirecting investment is beyond the corporate government and all they can do is wage war on US citizens, it's best that every thing oil related should not only be allowed to fall, citizens should (eventually) be suing these companies till they go bankrupt.

Solutions for the future:

The study conducted the Blue Green Alliance found that policies such as a renewable electricity mandate would provide steady demand for clean energy and put Americans to work building the components needed to make wind turbines, solar panels and other technologies. "There's no question that our big investment in clean energy can lead to the rebirth of American manufacturing," said David Foster, executive director of the alliance. States with the most potential for creating renewable manufacturing jobs include California with an estimated 95,616 jobs, Texas with 60,100 and Illinois with 56,579.

Information from PBS NOW related to Oil Politics (all links contain videos and transcripts)

A Few Informational Links On Clean Energy

EXXON Subsidy... even-though it made a profit!

Breaking News from Bill Moyers:

Wait a minute, environmentalists and Tea Partiers? It’s true. Talking Points Memo reports :

“on the portion of the pipeline that would link Nebraska to Texas, TransCanada has threatened to use disputed eminent domain powers to condemn privately held land, over the owners’ objections. And that’s creating unusual allies — Occupiers, Tea Partiers, environmentalists, individualists — united to stop TransCanada from threatening water supplies, ancient artifacts, and people’s basic property rights .”
Farmer Julia Trigg Crawford fought back, filing a restraining order against TransCanada earlier this month. But on Friday, a judge rescinded that order.
Despite the setback, environmentalists and Tea Partiers vowed to continue the fight against the pipeline.

Sanders Statement on Keystone XL Pipeline:
"The president made the correct decision today in rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline, and I will fight to ensure Congress does not overturn the decision.

Breaking News Koch company declared 'substantial interest' in Keystone XL pipeline: Document filed with Canada's Energy Board appears to cast doubt on claims by Koch Industries that it has no interest in the controversial pipeline.

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