Jun 19, 2013

NSA: Overview Of The Real-Life Version Of "Enemy Of the State"


NSA Poker Tells, Secret Service Prostitution, O Reilly's "Trixie" & Newt Gingrich's Open Marriage

NSA: What Happened To America? Land Of The Free & Home Of the Brave... Traitors?

Hollywood Introduction:

The "Enemy Of the State" uses an example of old technology that Google nowadays gives away for free called "Google Earth"{Bet you can find your house by typing your address into Google Earth :)}:

Enemy of the State by MovieTrailerJunkie

(Video source)

Extent of Surveillance:

An NSA whistleblower claims the government reserves the right to spy on the small percentage of Americans who make phone calls or use the Internet:

The Government has been collecting information on that small group of us that make phone calls or use the internet. I got to say, I bet the Amish are feeling pretty smug right now. (i.e. the Amish are the only ones who don't use phones of the internet)

Source of Law:

Conservatives applaud Obama for imitating George W. Bush, and The Guardian wants a Pulitzer for printing Edward Snowden's NSA revelations.

3:30 Conservatives praise Obama for being like George Bush. Megyn Kelly 'it feels like George Bush is back in office' I feel safer under Obama cause he's taking the same steps as Bush with the wiretapping and indefinite detention, keeping Guantanamo open and drone strikes Who cares about microwaves and dishwashers? It's probably to track them if they are stolen. Must be expensive electronics.

 6:32 NSA has massive database of American's phone calls - 5/11/2006 'We had this debate... we surrendered our rights back when we were already in the grip of fear'
The Media's Role:

The media debates which incredibly reductive label to pin on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden:

GOP Media attacking the messenger. Standard Southern Strategy method. They are trying to attack his character and reputation but the problem is the stuff he is revealing isn't something he created. It's official stuff.

2:20 MSNBC makes it clear it stands with the 'shoot the messenger' philosophy. Which fits their firing of Phil Donahue.

11 years later..... 

The media can't decide if NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden is more heroic truth-teller or weasel-like traitor, so Samantha Bee lays out the facts:

Did Snowden snitch on you? If not, then he's a whistle blower. i.e. he basically told on all of US Media (for their lack of investigative reporting, or any reporting for that matter)... THAT"S WHY THE MEDIA IS/WAS AFTER SNOWDEN BECAUSE HE JUST EXPOSED THEIR INCOMPETENCE

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  1. Note: Slough spy plane uncovers 210 suspected 'sheds with beds' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-23028425 = Investigations of the illegal occupation of sheds in Slough by migrant workers has led to 210 new outbuildings being identified by a thermal-imaging plane.

    The council estimates there are between 700 and 3,000 so-called "sheds with beds", many of which are unfit for human habitation.

    The authority said most also do not comply with building regulations.

    Images, taken by the plane in February, will be used on a 3D map of the town.

    The work was carried out as part of a £24,000 project to deal with the problem of illegal occupation of buildings in the town.

    Only one of the 211 new outbuildings found by the plane had an energy performance certificate, a legal requirement for permanent rented accommodation.

    The council will now investigate if the "sheds" are being used as illegal dwellings.

    The information gathered will also be used by police and emergency services.

  2. Another Hollywood movie Correlation:

    Movie: Behind Enemy Lines http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pidKTNCGbkk‎

    Thermal Imaging Scene: http://www.themoviespoiler.com/Spoilers/behindenemy.html - EXTRACT

    Hackman uses some spectacular satellite technology to pinpoint where Burnett is. He can watch an infrared image of the Serbs closing in on him. Burnett is on the run but falls down a small hill. Hackman is watching all this but from his infrared view, it looks like Burnett has been shot. Hackman and the men watching can't figure out why the Serbs are walking all around Burnett but not approaching him. Next thing you know, the Serbs leave.

    We cut back to Burnett and discover that he is in a sea of dead bodies, mass murdered by the Serbs. He was hiding underneath a body so the Serbs never saw him. There were also many newly planted trees around to help eventually hide the mass burial ground.

    Thermal Imaging on TV: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2312253/Dramatic-thermal-imaging-photos-reveal-marathon-bomber-tracked-police-hid-BOAT-Boston-backyard.html

    When the technology exists it will be used for good or bad depending on the level of transparency in the Government. The lower the transparency the easier to use for bad stuff. Note: The US has no transparency.