Jun 19, 2013

John Oliver Exposes Lindsey Graham's & The GOP's Racism

Lindsey Graham: GOP Is In A Death Spiral (Cause They Are VERY Mean To Asians & Latinos!)

Immigration reform is good for Republicans because they think it will win them Hispanic votes, and good for Democrats because it will actually win them Hispanic votes. (03:28):

55 sec - Lindsey Graham admits that he is appealing to minorities because they have to.
1:40 - It will actually win the Democrats Hispanic votes (because the GOP intends to lie to them during elections like Rand Paul did at Howard. The only ones that will believe them will be their base and then they will say 'see, them blacks-Asians etc are a drain on society... Liberals are destroying us. Revolution.')

Republicans argue that immigration reform is electorally necessary because immigrants are baby machines who love to f**k. (04:52):

30 sec "Immigrants are more fertile" - either its a joke that immigrants are like rabbits (seriously) or they are saying there is already enough Monsato to make the Native American (White) population sterile.

At 3:00 min. The guy is too old to even read. These are the people who lead the GOP.

Immigration & the WWE: Professional wrestling engages in a more articulate immigration debate than anything heard in Congress.

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