Jun 16, 2013

Do Fox News People Even Watch Their Own Channel? (Examples of Megyn Kelly & The Five)

After watching the videos from Fox News below, I have one BIG question... do Fox News people even watch their channel? i.e. compare the following video with the two videos below and decide for yourself:

Example 1:

Megyn Kelly Says

Liberals have never quite figured out that the process of demonizing a guy like Ted Cruz only makes him stronger,” Gallager agreed. “They’ve never quite grasped the idea. If they just expressed indifference or ignored people like Ted Cruz, he wouldn’t continue to build steam and momentum. They’re not bright enough to figure that out.”

Colmes tried to reiterate that Republicans seem to dislike Cruz just as much as Democrats do, but in the end Kelly gave Bill O’Reilly the last word on the subject in a clip from his show Thursday night. O’Reilly attributed Matthews’ attacks on Cruz to MSNBC’s declining ratings, saying, “I think it’s a desperate attempt by Matthews to get attention… he’s got to go on the attack because he’s got nothing else.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

Example 2:

With HBO’s The Newsroom returning for a second season next month, The Five‘s Greg Gutfeld thought now was a good time to look ahead at how the show plans on treating various political stories when it comes back. The host slammed the “liberal fantasy” drama for trashing the “evil” tea party movement while glorifying Occupy Wall Street. “Hollywood gets everything wrong again,” Gutfeld said.

Notes of blatant hypocrisy:

'When was this written - before the rapes, the murders etc.'

i.e. He considers 4 rapes in Occupy to be more than the 3000 reported and 26,000 estimated rape cases in the Military (I'm assuming the Military rape thing is still being covered up in the Fox News media outlet)

THUS, overlooked by Fox News people is the Military Rape epidemic & the Military Massacres (Consistent with being the "War Party" as described by Ron Paul ...with some discoveries added to it)

1:30 - Taking horrible people and implying that they will be glorified by the Liberals i.e. associating the worst of the worst with liberals i.e. demonizing

More in depth: 

GOP/Tea-Party Nonsense In A Nutshell: Outsiders are "Nazis"

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