Mar 18, 2013

US TV News Media: Fox News Echo Chambers


4 Video's Showing That Most People In The Media Are Just Script Readers 

5 Videos & 1 Image Illustrating How The US TV News Media Manufactures Conflicts for Viewers 

"I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half"

What is an echo chamber? An echo chamber is when you control several sources of information and use those sources of information to spread news and rumors that suit your political and business agenda.

All of the below are examples of "echo chambers" - i.e. sources of information controlled by a few who use these sources to promote thier ideas over and over again while making them seem to be from independant (and therefore reliable) sources. The video below is an example of an echo chamber that extends to ALL of the US's mass media News networks. Its better to have two sides fighting to keep the masses attention/distracted. That's how the gladiator system of Rome distracted the populace while the countries social and economic structures fell around them.

1. Here is the perfect example that shows an echo chamber being used for political goals for Rupert Murdoch:
The train of planting News in the above echo chamber example goes as follows - First story in the Wall Street Journal, Second Story in ...the NY Post and finally, news story on Fox News - Seems like different news sources commenting on a story but in reality it's ONE news story, created and promoted by the SAME news source.

2. Here is another example of a Rupert Murdoch political echo chamber using multiple people for ONE view and on ONE channel. (And proof of demonization of the 'left' by this 'conservative' echo chamber):

Above: 'Conservative' Echo Chamber through Murdoch's Network (using multiple books on one view, talking about one perspective ONLY on a network owned by one man, i.e. the new republican party is an invention using multiple media channels all owned by the same group. Ironically, or perhaps, intelligently, the 'left' (i.e. the networks NOT owned by Murdoch) are grouped together as having a separate agenda thereby creating the 'Us vs. them' dynamic.

3. Here is an example of using an echo chamber for JUST business reasons (i.e. Rupert Murdoch comes up with device and tries to sell it through his news channels):

4. Yet Another Rupert Murdoch Media Echo Chamber

Above story only carried on Fox News/NY Post (Rupert Murdoch owned media).

5. Fox News is large enough in the US to be it's own echo chamber and basically functions as a complete echo chamber for the Republicans. Fox News lies more than all other US TV News media combined...

It's legal to lie for "News" in the United States... 

Ever wonder why it is that Fox News can lie over and over again - yet continue to call itself "News"? It's because Fox News is a corporation - and ever since that 1886 Supreme Court case of Southern Pacific Railroad versus Santa Clara County when a rogue court reporter named JC Bancroft Davis slipped corporate personhood into the legal record - the courts have ruled time and time again that corporations - since they have all the rights that actual people have - could also lie just like people can.

Except for one time. Back in 1998 - a political activist named Mark Kasky sued Nike...

Bill O Reilly asks "Fox News Lies about what?" ... The response....

Cenk Uygur gives examples of lies told on Fox News (with Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly and others) in light of Wisconsin protesters calling out the network for lying.

Ever heard of the phrase... "first impression counts"?

Fox News plays a crowd booing Dr. Ron Paul for winning the straw poll but what REALLY happened is quite different.

Fox News lies about events abroad (to create conflict? See this video of Ron Paul questioning the military on the use of military planes as a provocation and then watch the video below)

Protests in Russia have sprung up in reaction to the results of the Russian 2011 election. Fox news has missed the mark when covering the uproars in Moscow. The news media showed footage of riots in Greece claiming that people of Russia were upset at Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party. Is this all by design or a sincere mishap? Marina Portnaya reports.

Here is another example of misleading footage followed by mocking(acting as if this isn't a regular thing)... a standard Hannity tactic...

The night after Sean Hannity is caught by Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" using tape of the "9/12 Rally" in Washington, mixed in with footage of the Congress protest in Washington on November 5, Hannity tells Jon Stewart: "You were right." (i.e. no one on the Republican side cares about misleading news on Fox News as Liberals are seen as Nazi's anyways, so thier views are irrelevant except when trying to fool some to vote for them)

Fox News Lies Link List

Say that 10 times really fast

The Courts ALLOW News Media to Lie!
On February 14, a Florida Appeals court ruled there is absolutely nothing illegal about lying, concealing or distorting information by a major press organization.
Roger Ailes caught lying (Fox News CEO)
It was an incendiary allegation - and a mystery of great intrigue in the media world: After the publishing powerhouse Judith Regan was fired by HarperCollins in 2006, she claimed that a senior executive at its parent company, News Corporation, had encouraged her to lie two years earlier to federal investigators who were vetting Bernard B. Kerik for the job of homeland security secretary.
Bill O'Reilly's Hypocrisy or lies?
Bill O'Reilly Defends His Nazi Analogies...
Frank Luntz: Market Researcher, Salesman and Fox News "Analyst"
How to handle an audience and appeal to their feelings:
1. Body language tips,
2. Handling audience tips,
3. Creating a more positive phrase for 'drilling for oil' became 'energy exploration'. (inaccuracy doesn't matter as long as there is a sliver of fact - KISS principle, i.e'. keep it simple stupid),
4. 'climate change' as opposed to 'global warming' 

Click here to see more video proofs of Fox News Caught Lying.

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Ronald Reagan: Where free unions and collective bargaining is forbidden, freedom is lost

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