Mar 31, 2013

Racism 2 - North-South Cultural Division in The USA


Morgan Freeman on the tea party, racism and Obama

Racism 1 - North-South Cultural Division in The USA

While racism is natural to war... the South was the center of slavery and so had a degree of racism that didn't exist in the North. To begin with, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica and Slave Owners arguing for continuation of slavery (or just defending it as the natural order of things)... black people (also called the "Negroid Race") was supposed to be dumber, even the slave owner and father of multiple half breed kids, Thomas Jefferson, confirmed the lower intelligence of his subjects in his studies.

Caveman Inki...

I people were CONFIRMED as a low intelligence and inferior race ...this was before equal education increased black literacy and before modern science proved that intelligence has to do with neural connections and NOT the shape of your skull... though some archaeologists still use the outdated 1911 theory of human intelligence in their analysis of archaeological digs. (I like to call this dichotomy "The Fragmentation Of Knowledge". My theory being that while specialization works great for building cars... it doesn't work so good to in education if an intelligent and informed population is your goal. Idiots we already got.)

Thus this cartoon makes sense...

Warner Bros 1940 - Confederate Honey - Banned Cartoon...

The following is a strange cartoon. Jazz had just been invented and was hated by the Nazi's, so it's possible this cartoon has something to do with that (in which case it's meant as a compliment)...

The Old Mill Pond...

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