Mar 14, 2013

Gun Debate Nonsense Revisited 1 - The Piers Morgan Debacle

Background: Breaking Down Society & Social Structures Leads To Anarchy AND Violence

Gun crazy in A

By Christiane Amanpour

My view on above discussion: The guy with the beard is right. There is no point regulating or banning any gun when there are gun free zones. But IF gun free zones are removed, then sure go ahead and begin the discussion to ban the machine gun for civilian use, as it is escalation has reached a point where the cops have tanks! (once this situation is taken care of - Having machine guns make mass murder way too easy. Having gun free zones if just nuts). 

Then Piers Morgan turned it into a charade i.e. calling people stupid rather than having discussions as the BBC anchor points out at 30 seconds  what Piers Morgan was doing, in my opinion was to use the emotionally charged situation surrounding Sandy Hook to push his own agenda through a process called "Anchoring". Something which Fox News are very good at (Sorry Luntz), and Piers Morgan's connection to Rupert Murdoch through The Daily Mirror & News Of The World is established so he must have known what he was doing. How can anyone not involved in advertising or publicity of any sort not understand what he was doing?

Background {Added 11 April}: 

The Invisible War (Military Rape) & The Violence Against Women Act 

 "Proven: GOP / Republicans Support Rapists & War" 

It is clear from the following data that banning assault rifles/weapons will have no effect on deaths by gun violence in America...
The answer to the simple question in that headline is surprisingly hard to come by. So Slate and the Twitter feed @GunDeaths are collecting data for our crowdsourced interactive. This data is necessarily incomplete. But the more people who are paying attention, the better the data will be. You can help us draw a more complete picture of gun violence in America. If you know about a gun death in your community that isn’t represented here, please tweet @GunDeaths with a citation. (If you’re not on Twitter, you can email And if you’d like to use this data yourself for your own projects, it’s open. You can download it here.

Lets look at where the assault rifle ban debate is at the moment (visual representation)...

I'm with background checks but this image isn't an equivalent. That musket that man is carrying was the assault rifle of his age... and he didn't have warships and didn't beat the British with warships so the assault rifle analogy stands. Maybe we should be talking about escalation (cops with tanks) and drugs instead? i.e. kids on Ritalin as an educational strategy.

This is Piers Morgan's history:

From the Huffington Post: Piers Morgan's Former Deputy Among Phone Hacking Arrests At Mirror Group

LONDON -- British police made four arrests for suspected phone hacking Thursday, the first time that top editors and journalists at the Mirror group have been implicated in the scandal that has rocked U.K. media.
One of those arrested was a former deputy to Piers Morgan, the current CNN interviewer, a person briefed on the arrests said.

London's Metropolitan Police said the arrests related to "a suspected conspiracy to intercept telephone voicemails," adding that the investigation "mainly concerned" activities at the Sunday Mirror tabloid between 2003 and 2004.

The Sunday Mirror, like the Daily Mirror, is owned by British newspaper company Trinity Mirror PLC, which also owns the Sunday People and a host of regional titles. The Mirror newspapers are major rivals to Rupert Murdoch's scandal-tainted media, which so far have been the main focus of the phone-hacking investigation.

5 Of Piers Morgan's Ex-Colleagues At The Mirror Have Now Been Arrested In Phone Hacking Scandal

Five employees who worked at The Trinity Mirror newspaper group have now been arrested in connection with the celebrity phone-hacking scandal, Bloomberg reports.

CNN host Piers Morgan is a former editor of The Mirror, and of the News of the World, the Rupert Murdoch paper that was shuttered when the scandal first broke. To be clear, Morgan has not been accused of any wrongdoing. But Bloomberg says "a former Daily Mirror reporter later testified ... that hacking took place on a daily basis among the newspaper’s show-business reporters."

How, exactly, Morgan got one of his most famous voicemail-related scoops remains shrouded in mystery. When asked under oath at the British parliament's inquiry as to how he listened to a voicemail of Paul McCartney pleading with his former wife Heather Mills, he declined to answer, saying only: "I'm not going to start any trail that leads to the identification of a source."

Morgan has previously denied he published any story based on hacking: "I have never hacked a phone, told anyone to hack a phone, nor to my knowledge published any story obtained from the hacking of a phone."
But that denial will take some explaining in the light of these previously reported events:
Doubtless there is an innocent explanation for all of this.

On Gun Free Zones: Lunatics have free reign in gun free zones. If good citizens can carry weapons as well (since, obviously, only good citizens will obey 'gun free zone' laws and a bad guy/kill will NOT obey a sign saying "No Guns"), there will greater public safety (with proper training, of course.). Sweden has the lowest accident rate for guns and the highest gun ownership rate as well. To cite problems with laws is one thing, to say it's not possible or bad is another (given the right circumstances).


In Colorado the shooter was able to get body armor, a machine gun, and over 5000 rounds of ammunition easily OVER THE INTERNET! In Mexico the ATF had to release them into the wild! (apparently you can't get guns online without any gun-controls/background-checks in Mexico yet, ... so the ATF sent them there? -BTW, the image is Libertarian in origin and understates, by a large amount, how bad Romney would have been.)

In the wake of the shootings in Aurora, CO, opinions differ on whether it's the right time to debate the efficacy of America's gun-control laws...

One of the most nonsensical discussions was held by Piers Morgan on his show which he got through Donald Trump after working for Rupert Murdoch at the now SHUT DOWN AND DEFAMED Newspaper in England which has led to charges being filed against Rebecca Brooks a family friend of the Murdochs. Given ALL these connections he then puts together a show where both sides are obviously NOT willing to compromise on anything and the NRA guy obviously making up Statistics like that woman on Anderson Cooper 360... but Anderson caught her while Piers Morgan just sits back, gives that ugly smile of his and makes the gun debate even worse even more nonsensical... [ Added 1/8/2013 - Does this look like an interview or an infomercial? ]

Then Piers Morgan brings on Micheal Moore who he completely agrees with that England's system of no guns should be implemented while trashing the second amendment (or at least that's the implication he never brought up gun free zones and the fact that a person WITH a gun CAN defend themselves. One guy if from England and the other from France & both don't get America OR it's constitution!)... followed by a show where not just personal opinion but ANY kind of journalistic research was unheard of (i.e. it was an INFOMERCIAL)! I miss Larry King.

This is the kind of journalism most "journalists" in the US are doing...

Example 1: At 2 mins the guy did his research from google (tactic: you type in name... get a result... that result is the answer - see "journalist" in this clip at 2:30)

Example 2: The GOP Is Refusing To Answer Simple Questions! (Something that wasn't done by most journalists)

Absurdity of laws being passed seems self-destructive in nature. How can you expect people to be safe with guns when training is left out and silly laws are passed?

The Word - Run for Your Life
Dan Burton proposes a bulletproof Congressional plexiglass dome, and Peter King wants to keep guns 1,000 feet from federal officials.

I agree with the idea of the law. Citizens, properly trained, and well armed make a safer nation. Especially since anarchists (of all religious backgrounds/claims) are growing in frequency and effectiveness. I think every citizen (as per the second amendment) has the right to carry arms as long as they train themselves well.

When the constitution was written people lived with guns to hunt and defend themselves so they were extremely well trained... you could say that their weapons had become 'a part of them'. This is the benchmark to know when a person is properly trained.

Rule of law and accountability is also important. With the lack of reliability of eyewitness testimony(which has also been written into law by the Supreme Court), cameras in public places (and removal of all gun free zones), is also an important part of regional or national security.

Question: Why is there such animosity towards guns?

1. Because death with a gun is quick or instant

2. A bow and arrow requires effort to pull back the arrow on the string. A throwing knife or a dart requires using your arm. A gun, on the other hand, could go off with a touch. With careful gun training and safety laws that are properly enforced you will end up with more gun related accidents.

The solution here is one of training and removing gun free zones OR removing guns from the planet, at present there is no other solution - And this is not an extreme view because people kill people USING guns. Its not the guns themselves that are responsible. Unfortunately, fear of guns, caused by accidents and a general softness towards the acceptance of death as a part of life has had the strange effect of people blaming a tool for the work of individuals. However, hunting hasn't been banned, so people can get guns for that. Mad men may act angry (like many people on all sides of the political spectrum) or they may not. With don't have the psychological skill to predict a massacre by lone mad men no matter how much we would like to believe that. that's why we are constantly being surprised by acts of violence as the standard human response is to think that, "this couldn't happen here" or "I can't believe someone like him was behind the massacre, looks so 'normal'" or "I can't believe it was someone from "this" community (whatever that community may be).

Other factors in the fear of guns...

Absurdity of gun laws and/or proposals


Discussions of keeping guns away from officials at about 1000 feet (how could you possibly administer such a ridiculous law?). 

A valid point made by Stewart 3min and 15 second into video: 'Violent rhetoric and imagery is wrong in and of itself and should be stopped just for that reason and not because it inspires some people to act violently'

2. Lack of training...

The Word - Safety

Stephen agrees with Wisconsin State Assemblyman Frank Lasse that the only way to keep guns out of the classroom is to put guns in the classroom.


The number of American kids under 14 killed by guns each year is 12 times the number killed in 25 other industrial countries combined.

One guy wants to put guns in the classroom with teachers to protect children - Since then Virginia Tech has happened

Mentions, as a joke, that kids are on Ritalin.

School shootings happens by a crazy person in an area where guns are not allowed. Problem is that anti-gun campaigns have become such an entrenched part of 'democratic' or a 'societal safety' viewpoint that certain important facts are ignored. On the other hand the US has the worst record for just about everything (in the industrial/first world nations)... and education is one of them. So trusting people with guns will get more and more dangerous with time.

In other words... psychiatric drugs plus dumbing down plus guns plus bad gun laws = societal havoc?

Lecture On On Being Wrong...

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