Oct 26, 2012

Glenn Beck Is An Idiot & A Kind Of Christian Terrorist!

Here is an example of Glenn Beck's past rhetoric concerning Osama Bin Laden...

‘Inexcusable’ Indifference to Extreme Poverty

Feeney: Glenn Beck talks about you as though “Frances Fox Piven” were a household name. What’s he saying about you?
Piven: Richard Cloward and I wrote an article published in The Nation in 1966 called “A Strategy to End Poverty ” which proposed a big mobilization by community organizers, social workers and poor people to get full benefits under the welfare system, because we had done research showing that the welfare system operated by denying people their legal benefits.
They got hold of this article and labeled it a blueprint for bringing down American capitalism.
I didn’t know that Glenn Beck was featuring me on his television program until my students at the City University of New York put a Glenn Beck chalkboard up on the door of my office which showed that Richard and I were at the trunk of what Glenn Beck called the “tree of revolution,” and the branches went off to include SDS, the financial crisis, Barack Obama — I mean, it was amazing. Then I began to pay attention and Googled myself from time to time, and realized something about the nature of propaganda in contemporary America — things are so confusing, you can tell people anything. The Tea Party believes this. I have gotten many, many hundreds of death threats. They put my address on the Internet. Then I decided, they are drawing on a tradition that goes back to the Inquisition — they must think I’m a witch, because how else could I be responsible for so much?
{Frances Fox Piven is a political scientist and activist who has been writing about poverty, welfare rights and protest movements for nearly half a century. The Nation, where Piven has been a long-time contributor, calls her “legendary .” Recently, Piven has become well known to another audience. Since Glenn Beck placed her at the root of one of his famous chalkboard graphs, accusing her of plotting to “intentionally collapse our economic system ,” Piven has been covered throughout the conservative blogosphere. We talked to Piven about rising inequality, poverty, and the condition of the safety net, as well as her sudden and un-intentioned notoriety.}

 ... And here is another example of Glenn Beck's demonizing rhetoric (why is this guy still allowed on air?)...

To put it bluntly, Glenn Beck's demonizing rhetoric makes it less safe for normal citizens. On the one hand, there's free speech. On the other hand, he is in a country that now has a large number of people that are so dumb that they lack any kind of critical thinking skills. And since beliefs are often self-fulfilling... this is where this sort of rhetoric is leading us...

Finally, if you understand the roots of Christian Apocalyptic rhetoric... then Glenn Back makes perfect sense (and is even more disturbing!)...

What's Glenn Beck up to now? Glenn Beck has gone from painting EVERYONE as evil to talking about Mormonism! Turns out he's not Christian (I wasn't expecting that).
Note: Glenn Beck IS a Mormon NOT A Christian... THUS us believes he is right and ANY Christian is WRONG about ANY idea of Jesus OR Religion itself. Believing that Mormonism is the ONLY complete truth IS part of the Mormon faith! BUT that's not the most disturbing part. The most disturbing part is that the secret (seriously!) Mormon preisthood contains Patriarchs AND Apostles... AND it's being denied or ignored in the US!!!

From The BBC [ http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/mormon/organisation/priesthood.shtml ]...
The Melchizedek Priesthood (Mormonism)

Bishops and Stake Presidents have the authority to confer the Melchizedek Priesthood by the laying on of hands, but they can only dothis by the common consent of the holders of the Priesthood in thecommunity.

An individual ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthoodmakes a contract (covenant) with God to honour and learn the priesthood duties, to obey God's commandments, to live by God's counsel, and tolive an upright and virtuous life.

God, in return, promisesthat if the person keeps their side of the covenant he will receiveeternal life, and be exalted to inherit all that God the Father has an dwill participate with God and Christ in their continual work.

Once they have received the Melchizedek Priesthood, men are ordained toan office in the priesthood which carries specific responsibilities. Thefirst office is Elder.

Other offices include:

High Priest



Apostle [!!!!!!!!!!! Is that why Glenn Beck acts like he's a god?]

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