Oct 26, 2012

Has The USA Become Like A Sort Of Disneyland?

From Bill Moyers: How big money and big media have coupled to create a ‘Disney World’ of democracy....

Big money and big media have coupled to create a ‘Disney World’ of democracy in which TV shows, televised debates, even news coverage is being dumbed down, resulting in a public less informed than it should be, says Marty Kaplan, director of USC’s Norman Lear Center and an entertainment industry veteran. Bill Moyers talks with Kaplan about how taking news out of the journalism box and placing it in the entertainment box is hurting democracy and allowing special interest groups to manipulate the system.

Welcome to Disneyland!

John Oliver investigates Amazon.com's attempt to overturn a tax law designed to reduce California's $26 billion deficit...

You see a smiling person at the supermarket asking for a signature so you give it. Then a law gets passed for laws to pass by supermarket/college campus style student union decision making. The ones with money/influence then play to their hearts content with the law while the people enjoy playing the role in the game they have.

A Satirical Version with REAL knowledge...
Of Vice and Men - The Highest Office Barack Obama reportedly smoked weed as a youth; Wyatt Cenac assembles a panel of young and not-so-young potential presidents, all boasting a similar rebellious streak. (05:03)

 A gift from Homeland Security(which is led by Rep Peter King)...
The soft-on-terror-crats mischaracterize Michigan's ice shaving machines as a frivolous waste of tax money, but there's no reason that fighting terror shouldn't be fun.

First part of the following video belongs here (i.e. the couple stealing neighbours ornaments and putting them on their lawn down the street... you're critical thinking skills have to be extremely low to do something like that - thus 'Disneyland') the second on the topic of differences between Urbanites, Southerners and the Midwest (which I'm not covering in this post).

 Decorations are nabbed from one family's yard, and found on a neighbor's lawn. The crime lands on the RidicuList

"Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding it's way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge." - Isaac Asimov 

Bill Moyers on Fox News's Manipulations...

*BILL MOYERS: Here's a footnote to the backward and the forward. Some conservatives seized on Obama's motto to claim that Marxists and Socialists used the same word to describe how the march of history was moving us forward beyond capitalism to communism and socialism, and to suggest, that if Obama uses the word that European leftists used, he must be one of them.

They even took up the fact that "forward" was the name of the newspaper in Germany whose writers included Ingles and Leon Trotsky and that the name in Russia for a magazine founded by Lenin was Forward. I mean, you could play this out in many ways.

Spring forward, comrades. Fast forward, red brigades. Forward march through Red Square. Put your best foot forward, leftie. Isn't this one more notion to keep alive the suspicion out there that Obama is not one of us?

KATHLEEN HALL JAMIESON: Yes. And it's also a classic way in which guilt by association works. Find some coincidental similarity between something and something else. And then try to attach everything else that those two dissimilar things have in common to each other. And so, yeah, the point at which, fortunately, none of this has migrated into anything that is mainstream.

This is basically, you know, Web content-- talking to people on the fringe. But it's a classic pattern. You find some single use of language, find some other single use of language and say, "Ah, they both use that language," and as a result, you know, I bet if you went through the New Testament you could find a word for forward. And I bet you could find that Jesus used it, too.*




Money Talks - The Haves & the Soon-to-Haves: John Hodgman explains that the haves are creating an exclusive world of luxury and privilege for the soon-to-haves to have -- soon.

Money Talks - Men of a Certain Wage: Moneyed American John Hodgman defends his people against America's attack on the wealthy.

World of Class Warfare - The Poor's Free Ride Is Over: The government could raise $700 billion by either taking half of everything earned by the bottom 50% or by raising the marginal tax rate on the top two percent.

Do you want more proof? Well, too bad...

 'I really believe that the animals have a right to a party and religion'

"Remember when FOX Business/News host Eric Bolling went after the Muppets and their latest self-titled movie for being anti-capitalist? -Yeah, well... Kermit and Miss Piggy got a chance to respond to that, today. Game, set, match, Miss Piggy."

Media entertainment has turn the US into Disney Land. Check out the fried butter stick entertainment news report, lol.

Healthier butter treat.

"Let the record show that on January 16, 2012, the good people of South Carolina booed the Golden Rule."  Jon Stewart.

When you have proof of inadequacy, would you still follow thier lead? People still listen to Congress and thier media made shenanigans...

1. Congress Kisses Ass!

2. See 1 minute 30 seconds into video: Paulson REQUIRES no oversight or accountability from Congress

3. Then Congress did some grandstanding while they didn't even attach requirements to the money they gave in the bail outs!!!

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