Apr 2, 2009

The Battle Between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer

Video Clip 1 - Daily Show Monday March 9 - 2009

Video Clip 2 - Daily Show Tuesday March 10 - 2009

To put Cramer's Stock prediction abilities in context, here are a few links:

From SunTimes:

This year, Mr. Adam Monk, the Sun-Times' stock-picking monkey who has beaten the market for four years running, is into erectile dysfunction. He's also into syringes, women's clothes and fresh fruit and vegetables. But don't get the wrong idea.

These are the businesses of Mr. Monk's latest stock picks, made last week exclusively for the Sun-Times. And that means only one thing: It's time again for the Sun-Times Monkey Manager stock-picking contest, celebrating the wisdom of the everyday investor and primate.

From a blog:

Let me start this post by saying love him or hate him, I think Jim Cramer is a genius.

Is he a trading genius? NO WAY, according to BARRONS his returns have been sub par and this is backed up by this website.

Even a monkey has out performed Cramer.

Sorry Jim, I like you and I hate to compare you to a monkey, but the facts are the facts when it come to investing.

Now for the genius part. Jim Cramer is a genius at producing must see TV, if you like reality televison, Cramer is it.

Watching Cramer on Mad Money is like watching a NASCAR race, he’s loud, over the top, he’s in you’re face and he spins his wheels.

Note: I remember reading an experiment in college where a monkey or chimp picked stocks in competition with some brokers and had as much success as the broker did in money making. Looked for the chimp/broker experiment online and couldn't find it. If any one knows of it I would love the link. The point of that study was to show that picking stocks is similar to gambling and doesn't involve intelligence...the one exception (before the recent collapse) are Warren Buffets strategies of investing in solid companies...he is still doing better than most brokers/investors.

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