Mar 23, 2019

The Daily Show Does The Media - Part 12 (2003)

THE KOBE TRIAL 10/22/2003 Outside of the Kobe Bryant trial, a media circus has already pitched its tent even though the trial has yet to begin.

JOE SCARBOROUGH 9/30/2003 Joe Scarborough would like to see the mainstream media talk more about the positive stories that are coming out of Iraq.

"CRAZYFORNIA"...AM I RIGHT, PEOPLE? 9/10/2003 The media has been having a ball with this recall and so have the Californians.

AL FRANKEN PT. 1 9/9/2003 Al Franken presents his book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" and discusses the myth of the liberal media.

The Daily Show Does The Media

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