Feb 21, 2019

The Daily Show Does The Media - Part 8 (2002)

MESS MEDIA 4/30/2002 Jon takes a look at business, as AOL Time Warner takes a multibillion dollar hit that is 2 dull 4 wordz.

I ON NEWS - DIRTY BOMBS 6/26/2002 Jon walks us through the media coverage of dirty bombs more than a month after the arrest of an alleged terrorist.

MOMENT OF ZEN - WINONA RYDER 6/6/2002 Swarmed by the media, Winona Ryder enters the courthouse for her trial.

BREAKING NEWS - LET THE WOMAN BE 3/4/2002 All Monica Lewinsky wants is her anonymity back: which is why she is asking for it in multiple forms of media.

HEADLINES - WHICH MAN SPORE MAN? 8/12/2002 Scientist Steven Hatfill, under investigation for anthrax possession, gathers the media to complain about being hounded by the media.

THROW IN THE POWELL 4/15/2002 Colin Powell continues his tour of the Middle East, visiting Arafat's Ramallah Compound and talking to the media through a long winded translator in Lebanon.

The Daily Show Does The Media

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