Jan 16, 2019

Trump First Acts Brave Saying He Will Shut Down The Government & Then, Like A Coward, Blames The Democrats

Here are several examples of Trump going back on his word and acting like there is no inconsistency (as if video doesn't exist). I'm focusing on just one, the Trump/GOP/Fox shutdown.

Bordersnatch: One Wall, Infinite Possibilities | The Daily Show
Choose your own shutdown narrative.

Point in question;

At 13 seconds: Video of Trump saying he is proud to shutdown the Government, he will accept responsibility for it ("take the mantle") and he won't blame the Democrats (people who he is talking to in the meeting);

At 25 seconds: Trump proves he's a coward by blaming the Democrats for his shutdown despite him saying he wouldn't do that!

Note: For two years, the GOP had many opportunities to fund Trump’s wall both in part or in whole and it declined on every occasion. (Also, Democrats may be feeling the pressure of media uselessness on this issue)

Next in the video you see Trump promising Mexico will pay for the wall and then backtracking on that (its Trump's pattern to say/promise one thing and do another);


Of course, Trump is following Fox advice (literally). What Fox is trying to do is what I reported HERE (i.e. a "rebranding"). The following is an extract;

Fox News gets to rebrand news in any way it wants and it seems to get regular help from "left wing" media;

GOVERNMENT "SLIMDOWN" & POTUS MEETING 10/2/2013 Fox News rebrands the shutdown, President Obama meets with congressional leaders, and Michelle Bachmann refuses to blink.

This is a classic example of Fox News and GOP hypocrisy, and re-branding of a crisis they caused, in action. Here they side with veterans protesting a shutdown THEY (GOP/Fox) caused and make it appear that t was the left that caused this and got the veterans to think the GOP are on their side (whom they don't even support in policy)!;

SHUTSTORM 2013: AMERICA SITS ON ITS BALLS - BIAS ON BULLS**T MOUNTAIN 10/3/2013 Could there be a higher octane fuel for the Fox News false outrage exploitation engine than wheelchair-bound World War II veterans?

Donald Trump

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