Jan 11, 2019

The Daily Show Does The NRA & Guns - Part 1 (1999)

THIS JUST IN - THOMAS PAINE IN VAIN 3/4/1999 Massachusetts relaxes its gun control laws for Revolutionary War re-enactors, leaving the state wide open to blunderbussing.

MOMENT OF ZEN - TOUGH GLASS 3/16/1999 A man fires a gun at a Mercedes Benz to demonstrate the strength of its windows.

HEADLINES - MAGNUMB-SKULL 3/30/1999 Tom Selleck joins Charlton Heston in becoming a celebrity spokes-nut for the NRA.

A HASTILY THROWN TOGETHER EDITORIAL - TOM SELLECK 3/30/1999 Jon throws together an editorial about Tom Selleck's affinity for gun's life lessons.

WE FIX EVERYTHING 5/11/1999 Without guns, we would soon fall prey to the evil machinations of deer and rabbit. They're out there, nibbling ever closer.

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