Jan 25, 2019

The Daily Show Does The Media - Part 2 (1999)

KIDS AND GUNS AND MEDIA 6/17/1999 Whether you're talking about kids and guns, or kids and the media, the problem always comes back to the kids.

PEACE IN THE BALKANS '99 - MEDIA BLACKOUT 6/10/1999 Beth Littleford reports on the happenings at the Kosovo front lines, from a chateau in Monte Carlo.

BACK IN BLACK - OPRAH 5/18/1999 Now Lewis Black has one more thing to be mad at: his media whore self.

MEDIA RESPONSIBILITY 9/30/1999 The Daily Show correspondents hold a round-table discussion on media responsibility.

HARRY POTTER CONTROVERSY 11/4/1999 Daily Show Media Critic Vance DeGeneres critiques the evil within the Harry Potter books and children's literature in general.

The Daily Show Does The Media

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