Dec 15, 2018

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 36 (2014)

CNN & THE KING'S SPEECH 3/3/2014 As CNN struggles to find its voice, the network receives surprising assistance from legendary boxing promoter, Don King.

CNN: A MIDSUMMER NEWS DREAMS 7/29/2014 When The Daily Show's Kickstarter campaign secures enough funding to buy the channel, Jon decides to crowdsource the network's future programming as well.

CNN: DO THE RIGHT STORY 4/24/2014 The Best F#@king News Team Ever gives CNN some advice on how to effectively cover climate change.

CNN'S ENDLESS WAIT FOR FLIGHT 370 NEWS 5/1/2014 CNN veers into absurd territory as correspondents brace themselves for an update on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

MIDTERMS '014 - DETOUR TO GRIDLOCK - MOUNTAINS OF MIDTERM MADNESS 11/4/2014 Cable news networks vie for attention with high-tech gadgets, from Fox News's "Bill Board" to CNN's "Magic Wall."

The Daily Show Does CNN

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