Nov 3, 2018

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 69 (2017-18)

GRETCHEN CARLSON - SHIFTING THE CULTURE OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN "BE FIERCE" - EXTENDED INTERVIEW 10/31/2017 Gretchen Carlson explains why she reported the sexual harassment she faced while at Fox News and weighs in on how men can be better allies to women in her book "Be Fierce."

BILL O'REILLY PLAYS THE BLAME GAME 10/24/2017 Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly finds a way to fault everyone -- including God -- for the sexual harassment charges against him.

BETWEEN THE SCENES - THE ALL-AMERICAN GUN DEBATE 10/5/2017 Trevor reacts to a Fox News pundit who lashed out at him for getting involved in America's gun control debate.

UNDER HILLARY CLINTON'S VOODOO SPELL With several Fox News pundits mistakenly referring to Hillary Clinton as president, Jordan urges America to resist her dark magic.

TV-RUN STATE: FOX SAYS IT, TRUMP SPREADS IT The left accuses Fox News of churning out "state-run TV" for the Trump administration, so Jordan sets the record straight.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

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