Sep 5, 2018

UFO Fear Factor: Pentagon Releases UFO Videos... Do UFOs Exist? If UFOs Exist Are They A Threat? What Do They Want?

Fear of UFOs is a very real phenomenon, probably inspired by pop culture, but how appropriate is that fear? Do UFOs even exist? Are UFOs a threat to us or the planet? How long have UFOs (of the alien variety) been around anyways and does there presence over a long period of time - if such a thing can be shown to be possible - indicate they are no threat?

First of all. Are UFOs real? Well, the Pentagon has released videos of UFOs and a former official said that he believes that this is alien in origin though there is no official word from the Pentagon (I'm assuming they are waiting to meet aliens in case its just some other country with advanced technology having a laugh a their expense).

CNN Report On The UFO Videos The Pentagon Released;

What Information Do We Have On UFOs?...

CNN Interview With Former Pentagon Official In Charge Of UFO Program... who says "we have compelling evidence that we are not alone"!;

Note - From about 1:15 into the video we hear Luis Elizondo says;

"I think what's important is that we have identified some very very interesting anomalous type of aircraft, lets call them aircraft. Things that don't have any obvious flight surfaces, any obvious forms of propulsion and maneuvering in ways that include extreme maneuverability beyond, I would submit, the healthy g forces of a human or anything biological. Hypersonic velocities, low observability, positive lift! Again seemingly defying the laws of aerodynamics."

On CNN A Navy Pilot Describes The Extreme Maneuverability & Hypersonic Velocities He Experienced Encountering "UFOs" (they have been partially identified as we see above, all is left is origin);

The same Navy Pilot giving the interview above on CNN also describes one other behavior;

A couple of interesting descriptions of the UFOs;

1. At 3:10 in the interview of the pilot he mentions that the UFO he saw looked like a white tic tac and so they call it the tic tac, and,

2. At 5:56 the pilot is telling us how he was told by a controller. "we've been tracking these things, they've been dropping from 80,000 feet. they come straight down. they hang out at about 20,000 feet... they'll just sit there.. and then when they're done they go straight back up and they disappear."

Following this description the following video taken in Israel over the Dome Of The Rock (a holy site for the 3 Abrahamic religions) shows the exact same bahviour but carried out to a lower altitude from 2004... as if to say, "we give up on the military to make contact with the people of earth, intead lets try and make contact with the people directly by hovering over their temples"!;

Article from The Telegraph: UFO hovers over Jerusalem shrine - Two different films of a glowing ball hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem have been attracted hundreds of thousands of internet viewers. (Livescience believes it was a hoax but their analysis was before the Navy pilot gave his interview... I may be the first person to have connected these two incidents online).

Tic tac shaped ufo closeup, kinda (might be another sighting based on Navy pilots description);

Note: Being able to leave the planet gravity at will looks easy but is something UNIMAGINABLE in our technology except in science fiction, indicating the UFOs use a power source way beyond what our tech has created thus far as we only have rockets with big trails and straight line travel.

If we assume that no one on earth has this technology (or there would be a new superpower and it wouldn't be us) then the only possibility left is a hidden city/power on earth with no desire to rule the planet or aliens, i.e. people not from this planet.

So are UFOs a threat to us? Well, that would depend entirely on how long they have been here and what they have done. With the military releasing videos it makes sense that they have decided they are not a threat (or we wouldn't have a military left by now). So what information do we have on how long they have been around? If they have been around a long time then that would certainly explain military ambivalence to UFOs (publicly at least).

Well, the first video released by the Pentagon is from 2004; 

Published ODec. 16, 2017CreditCreditImage by U.S. Department of Defense

"A video shows an encounter between a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet and an unknown object. It was released by the Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program." NY Times;

The first official video of a UFO by the United States Government (released by the Department of Defense at the Pentagon)... first talked about in this, weirdly titled, New York Times article; Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program 

The second video from the same time period (the clip starts 1 minute and 14 seconds into the video, while the initial minute deals with teaching us how to read a Navy plane's radar/view screen so you know what you are seeing);

"A video shows a 2004 encounter near San Diego between two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets and an unknown object. It was released by the Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.
Published OnCreditCreditImage by U.S Department of Defense" - NY Times

Also talked about in this, weirdly titled, New York Times article; Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program 

A third video from 2015 (about 10 years apart);

This video also appears in this Washington Post opinion piece: The military keeps encountering UFOs. Why doesn’t the Pentagon care? 

That's 14 years and nothing.

... and I'm not even including all the information that the military has been investigating UFOs since - at least - the 40s with many unexplained sightings! (i.e. why would the military investigate "nothing" over such a long period of time)...

(Note that no mention in Project Blue Book of the Roswell incident, suggesting the UFO crash was gossip/rumor or a prank)

Why would the military be investigating nothing over such a long period? There must be something there. Yes. I've seen the stories online about alien war with the military and what not but that's just silly. We are simply not a match for UFOs that can do what they can do. Simply the power used to do what they do could be used to destroy us immediately, even if we assume they are too dumb to invent better weapons than us (which is also kinda crazy), they wouldn't need many weapons to destroy/suppress us, just one... and they already have the technology for it as they can leave our atmosphere at while will we have to pay the Russians or Elon Musk to do it for us . Put another way; In battle having the high ground is essential to mastery of the battlefield. Off worlders can roam around at supersonic speeds on earth and just leave AT THE SAME SPEED! As if gravity and aerodynamics no longer applies to their existence. Not only do we have no aircraft that can do that, by the time we could leave the atmosphere using our tech they could leave and come back a million times. Its like trying to take a mountain when the enemy is easily hoping around us as if we were ants. Even if we developed an aircraft that could leave atmosphere we would still be light-years from attaining that kind of flexibility/maneuverability and ease of travel (between stars, I'm assuming, since there are no habitable planet in our solar system and given the length of times of visitation we are dealing with "Nibiru" could have taken over the planet ages ago with this kind of technology so there is no nibiru or annunaki - sorry). Even our theories makes it impossible to travel beyond the speed of light unless we use wormholes. traveling at the speed of light would make the object infinitely heavy and traveling at a fraction of the speed of light would make each trip take decades of time here on earth. Frequency of visits suggests the aliens are using faster than light technology. That should be enough for us to know that we can NEVER have the high ground against such an advanced enemy (whose technology essentially looks like magic to us) in our or our children's/grandchildren's lifetimes. We would be like the Iraqis using old dessert warfare (using sand dunes to hide from the invading army to catch them by surprise) against an enemy (us) that is watching them up close from the sky, i.e. an unwinnable war.

As a thought experiment in I thought I would dig a little deeper to see what other reliable or even semi reliable information says and if there are any correlations I can draw for further conclusions about safety of UFOs deepening on length of time they have been observing/interacting with us without taking over the planet.

A couple of clips taken from CNN's youtube show a UFO researcher (a more mainstream UFO researcher compared to me) talking about aliens and ufos, going back to the late 60s, interacting with nuclear sites as told by military personell;

Clip 1 - Introduction: Robert Hastings is a UFO researcher and lecturer who has interviewed former and retired air force personnel for his research. Author of the book: "UFOs And Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters At Nuclear Weapons Sites". He talks of a UFO incident from 1967 at an airforce base in Montana where a saucer shaped UFO was able to, easily, shutdown all nuclear silos (as if saying "nukes are bad" AND, possibly, "you are no match for us"). He also says this has happened in Russia as well (i.e. clear indication that aliens were seeking to discourage the use of nuclear weapons).

In the second clip, also from CNN, but of a Nation Press Club event of some sort. Hastings says he interviewed over 120 military personnel over 37 years and determined they have 3 basic shapes (disk, cylindrical and sphere). They have been hovering over nuclear facilities and test sites since, and I quote, "during the era of atmospheric testing"... which apparently was from 1958-1962 (that's a long time ago!). They are VERY clear that they believe that "we are being visited by beings from another world who, for whatever reason, have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of World War 2"... [suggesting, to me, that they have been visiting a lot longer since they already seem to have taken on a caretaker/warner/worrier type role rather than "first contact" type role!]... "Regarding the missile shutdown incidents, my opinion, their opinion"... [referring to other experts on the panel]... "is that whoever are aboard these craft are sending a signal to both Washington and Moscow, among others, that we are playing with fire."

The whole press conference at the National Press Club (filled with ex military UFO witnesses) is available online;

Article example: Extract from CNNIn 2010, seven former US Air Force personnel described their personal encounters with UFO sightings over nuclear weapons facilities in incidents in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s.
Three of the former Air Force officers said UFOs hovered over nuclear missile silos around Montana's Malmstrom Air Force Base in 1967, causing problems with the military base. Former Air Force Capt. Robert Salas said one of his guards told him about a red, glowing object about 30 feet in diameter hovering above the front gate of the facility.
"And just as I [called my commander], our missiles began going into what's called a no-go condition, or unlaunchable. Essentially, they were disabled while this object was still hovering over our site," Salas said.
Salas said he didn't personally witness the UFO. But Robert Hastings, an author and UFO researcher who organized the press conference, said the series of stories showed aliens had a particular interest in nuclear weapons.
"I believe -- these gentlemen believe -- that this planet is being visited by beings from another world, who for whatever reason have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of World War II," said Hastings.

Given the number of UFO sightings over the number of years decades by military info then how can they be dangerous? If they wanted to they could have taken over a long time ago. Even now, simply having technology to travel between stars means they are way out of our league, adding military reports of them shutting down nuclear plants is even more indicative that they are way stronger than us (our technology means nothing to them) and are probably more worried about us destroying ourselves with nuclear power rather than trying to destroy or invade us.

Add to the above this little piece of ancient journalism called the Battle of Los Angeles from 1942;

There may have been a UFO sighting in 1942, three months after the US joined WW2. The military fired at it for hours killing civilians in friendly fire (& with fear).

Article Extracts: "Central in the original image which was analysed is a large illuminated object which appears stationary but we have confirmation from witnesses that it was moving at a steady constant speed and transit also show in the original image are multiple smaller flashes of light (exploding artillery shells) surrounding it’s entirety together with the numerous searchlight beams criss-crossing across the sky possibly looking for more unknown aerial objects.

"The unknown object eventually moved at a steady speed over nearby Long Beach and vanished out of view over the Palos Verdes hills as the guns finally fell silent."

Mr Gleaves said before the "cover up" the incident made front-page news along the US Pacific coast when it happened overnight on February 24 just three months after the US joined World War 2 in December 1941.

He said they initially assumed they were under attack from the Japanese Air Force or the German Luftwaffe.

He said: "The US Army started its constant non-stop bombardment firing thousands of artillery rounds at the unknown object, all to no avail.

"The first shots rang out starting late evening on February 24 and continued well into the early hours of the 25th.

"At 3.16am the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade began firing .50 calibre machine guns and 12.8-pound anti-aircraft shells at the reported unidentified object; over 1,400 shells would eventually be fired at the object in total.

"US Air Force pilots of the 4th Interceptor Command Squadron were alerted and put on standby but their aircraft remained grounded.

"The artillery fire continued sporadically until 4.14am when the 'all clear' was finally sounded and the total blackout order lifted at 7.21am.

"Several buildings and vehicles were severely damaged by falling shell fragments and five civilians died as an indirect result of the anti-aircraft fire: three killed in car accidents in the ensuing chaos and two of heart attacks attributed to the stress of the action.

"Considering the duration which elapsed and thousands of people who witnessed the unforgettable event there aren’t many clear quality photographs available to analyse.

"The one true detailed image available had been taken at the time by a newspaper photographer working for the Los Angeles Examiner."

If this incident is true, we get a picture of us firing upon the UFOs and getting no reaction! 

Also, they may not have known what they were doing or were carrying out some scientific or sociological experiment. But once again, not a threat. Way beyond being harmed by our destructive technology but still, not a threat. So long and no attempt at a takeover says it all.

Since we have only just conceived of life of our planet and the universe has been around for billions of years, it seems likely aliens would have evolved to spacefaring level - somewhere - long before us and thus may have been visiting us for a long period of time! If there is evidence of that then that means there is even more proof of the off worlders have non-violent intentions and out planet has been fortunate.

And we do! Check out these ancient paintings...

History Channel: UFO Sightings: Renaissance Artists (1m 36s) - A look at the Renaissance painters illustrating many different UFO shapes in the paintings and frescoes.

Huffington post: Look! Is That A UFO Over Jesus’ Head? “We can now anchor the beginning of the UFO phenomenon into real, documented history.”

Hey! Isn't that the same kinda shape in the Pentagon's UFO video?

An article from 1953 describes a document from a librarian at the Vatican (now lost or a hoax to begin with) that accurately describes exactly what we seem to have images of if we correlate them to the eyewitness (Navy Pilot) testimony;

Alleged Inscription: In the year 22, in the third month of winter, in the sixth hour of the day, the scribes of the House of Life noticed a circle of fire that was coming from the sky [...] From the mouth it emitted a foul breath. It had no head. Its body was one rod long and one rod wide.¹ It had no voice. And from that the hearts of the scribes became confused and they threw themselves down on their bellies [...] then they reported the thing to the Pharaoh [...] His Majesty ordered [...] has been examined [...] and he was meditating on what had happened, that it was recorded in the scrolls of the House of the Life. Now after some days had passed, these things became more and more numerous in the skies. Their splendor exceeded that of the sun and extended to the limits of the four angles of the sky [...] High and wide in the sky was the position from which these fire circles came and went. The army of the Pharaoh looked on with him in their midst. It was after supper. Then these fire circles ascended higher into the sky and they headed toward the south. Fish and birds then fell from the sky. A marvel never before known since the foundation of their land [...] And Pharaoh caused incense to be brought to make peace with Earth² [...] and what happened was ordered to be written in the Annals of the House of Life so that it be remembered for all time forward.

 So, 'long rod shaped objects of "fire" (do I hear white tic tac? What would light in the sky, in an age without electricity, be anything but fire as that was all that was known to emit light?). I'm going to assume to rest is mythology, unless the "breath" was the Chile style "exhaust" (or done simply to make people wonder if it was a dragon or just to arouse curiosity to see ow we react? Was it something like this video released by the Chilean Navy (about 7 and a half minutes into this video);

....and "fish and birds falling from the sky" was gifts of food from pranking aliens. Cause a bird might fall through contamination but there is no way for fish to fall from the sky (unless it was just added later for mythological reasons, such as priests trying to push their ideas/pet-omens for political reasons as, apparently, weird stuff falling from the sky seems to be normal in Egyptian mythology as signified by the Bibles own myth of the plagues of Egypt).

Also, note how this object over the Dome of the Rock, during daylight, uses smoke (to attract attention? Seems like a reasonable assumption);

This is something the aliens would probably know more about than us. I wonder if we were friendly enough with them, over time, we could get information about our history lost to us? That would certainly be a major step forward.

What would be one thing that could be a step backwards? Misinformation.

This brings me to another problem. If UFOs have been visiting us for so long and have interacted with us so much without trying to destroy us or taking over - combined with the similar behavior pattern with military and over the temple of the dome (in that sequence, as outlined above) indicating they are trying to get this planet to acknowledge their existence (at least as a modern mystery if not as a preliminary to making physical contact, i.e. trying to gauge planetary reaction to decide what would be appropriate sort of a thing) - then we have to decide whether we want to make contact with an alien species or do not. Since the planet doesn't know and can't express their opinion on any of this data, then we only have our military leaders to turn to explain any misinformation that may exist out there (as regular politicians don't necessarily deal with this sort of classified data), as all the material has been classified by the military.

A quick look at some of our history by the "people looking out for us" in this field suggests our current policy is probably laid on a bed of rich kid paranoia, hypocrisy and power plays (as the CIA, who seem to be involved in some way or another, has been composed of rich kids messing with other people and countries, for what appears to be, fun). Lets look at the example of Iran where a Democracy was overthrown and a monarchy installed (completely against American political values, but during a past when white supremacy was still going strong and before it had to go underground when civil rights for everyone emerged), all for oil (as Iraq is in our time);

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Published on 11 Aug 2018 Trevor explains how a CIA-backed coup of Iran’s government in 1953 led to the current bad blood between the U.S. and Iran.

What happened:

So America overthrew a Democracy for oil proving to that country, and to a lesser extent, that region that america couldn't be trusted (a common theme in politics today);

The best part is these rich kid trouble makers and vandals/terrorists would actually come of TV and brag about it (as Cheney does today);

This war on Iran, because of religion or skin color or both, goes on today and even in between;

Even a little digging into the UFO past in popular culture there is a ton of deception on display;

The Guardian: The real Men in Black, Hollywood and the great UFO cover-up In a new documentary, US government agents claim they spent decades giving fake evidence of extraterrestrials to gullible ufologists. But why? And how can we trust them now?

Hidden among the avalanche of documents leaked by Edward Snowden were images from a Powerpoint presentation by GCHQ, entitled The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations. Images include camouflaged moths, inflatable tanks, women in burqas, and complex diagrams plastered with jargon, buzzwords and slogans: "Disruption Operational Playbook", "Swap the real for the false and vice versa", "People make decisions as part of groups" and, beneath a shot of hands shuffling a deck of cards, "We want to build Cyber Magicians". Curiously, sandwiched in the middle of the document are three photographs of UFOs. Not real ones – classic fakes: one was a hub cap, another a bunch of balloons, and one that turned out to be a seagull.
Devout ufologists might seize upon this as further proof that our governments "know something" about aliens and their transportation methods, but really it suggests the opposite: the UFO community is a textbook case of a gullible group susceptible to manipulation. Having spent too long watching the skies and The X-Files, it's implied, they'll readily swallow whatever snippet of "evidence" suits their grand theory.
If there really is a UFO conspiracy, it's surely the worst-kept secret in history. Roswell, Area 51, flashing lights, little green men, abductions – it's all been fed through the pop culture mill to the point of fatigue. Even the supposed enforcers of the secret, the "men in black", have their own movie franchise. But a new documentary, Mirage Men, unearths compelling evidence that UFO folklore was actually fabricated by the US government. Rather than covering up the existence of aliens, could it be that the real conspiracy has been persuading us to believe in them?
Mirage Men's chief coup is to land an actual man in black: a former Air Force special investigations officer named Richard Doty, who admits to having infiltrated UFO circles. A fellow UFO researcher says: "Doty had this wonderful way to sell it – 'I'm with the government. You cooperate with us and I'm going to tell you what the government really knows about UFOs, deep down in those vaults.'" Doty and his colleagues fed credulous ufologists lies and half-truths, knowing their fertile imaginations would do the rest. In return, they were apprised of chatter from the community, thus alerting the military when anyone was getting to close to their top-secret technology. And if the Soviets thought the US really was communing with aliens, all the better.

The classic case, well-known to conspiracy aficionados, is Paul Bennewitz, a successful electronics entrepreneur in New Mexico. In 1979, Bennewitz started seeing strange lights in the sky, and picking up weird transmissions on his amateur equipment. The fact that he lived just across the road from Kirtland air force base should have set alarm bells ringing, but Bennewitz was convinced these phenomena were of extraterrestrial origin. Being a good patriot, he contacted the Air Force, who realised that, far from eavesdropping on ET, Bennewitz was inadvertently eavesdropping on them. Instead of making him stop, though, Doty and other officers told Bennewitz they were interested in his findings. That encouraged Bennewitz to dig deeper. Within a few years, he was interpreting alien languages, spotting crashed alien craft in the hills from his plane (he was an amateur pilot), and sounding the alert for a full-scale invasion. All the time, the investigators were surveilling him surveilling them. They gave Bennewitz computer software that "interpreted" the signals, and even dumped fake props for him to discover. The mania took over Bennewitz's life. In 1988, his family checked him into a psychiatric facility.

There's plenty more like this. As Mirage Men discovers, central tenets of the UFO belief system turn out to have far earthlier origins. Mysterious cattle mutilations in 1970s New Mexico turn out to have been officials furtively investigating radiation in livestock after they'd conducted an ill-advised experiment in underground "nuclear fracking". Test pilots for the military's experimental silent helicopters admit to attaching flashing lights to their craft to fool civilians. Doty himself comes across as a slippery character, to say the least. "He remains an absolute enigma," says Mark Pilkington, writer of the book Mirage Men, the basis for the documentary. He found the retired Doty working as a traffic cop in a small New Mexico town. "Some of what he said was true and I'm sure a lot of it wasn't, or was a version of the truth. I have no doubt Rick was at the bottom of a ladder that stretches all the way to Washington. It's unclear to what extent he was following orders and to what taking matters into his own hands."
Doty almost admits to having had a hand in supposedly leaked "classified" documents, such as the "Majestic 12" dossier – spilling the beans on a secret alien liaison committee founded by President Truman. But he denies involvement in the "Project Serpo" papers – which claimed that 12 American military personnel paid a secret visit to an alien planet in the Zeta Reticuli system – only to be caught out as the source of the presumed hoax. The Serpo scenario, it has been noted, is not unlike the plot of Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. Does that suggest that the forgers lazily copied the movie? Or that the movie is based on real events and Spielberg was in on the conspiracy?
The place of movies in the grand UFO conspiracy is a tricky area. Depending on which theory you subscribe to, Hollywood's steady stream of sci-fi is either a deliberate exaggeration, designed to make the "truth" look unbelievable (the "you've been watching too many movies" defence), or it's a way of psychologically preparing the populace for staggering alien secrets yet to be revealed. There are at least grounds for suspicion in the latter camp. Pilkington points to the CIA's Psychological Strategy Board, founded after the second world war to promote US propaganda. Associated with the board was veteran film producer Darryl Zanuck. In 1951, Zanuck executive-produced seminal alien-visitation sci-fi The Day the Earth Stood Still, often cited as a government-sanctioned testing of the waters for alien contact. Like Zanuck, the film's writer, Edmund North, was ex-military, while director Robert Wise apparently became a UFO believer on account of discussions he had with Washington figures during the making of the movie.
On Youtube;

Steven Spielberg is a less likely government stooge, though he has been obsessed by aliens his entire career, from Close Encounters and ET up to War of the Worlds and the last Indiana Jones film (not forgetting his producer role in Falling Skies, Transformers and, er, Men in Black). If anyone's paving the way for the big reveal, it's Spielberg, but, after 30 years of paving, we're still waiting.
Mirage Men finds an even more extreme example in the form of industry veteran Robert Emenegger, who claims that in 1971 he was approached by the Pentagon to make a film revealing "what the government really knows". The Pentagon's big lure was that they would let him incorporate top-secret footage of an alien craft landing at Holloman Air Force Base in the 1960s. Predictably, the footage never materialised but Emenegger – no less cryptic a character than Richard Doty – claims to have seen it, and still believes alien contact has been established. He went ahead and made his documentary, entitled UFOs: Past, Present And Future. Presented by Rod "Twilight Zone" Serling, it culminates in a rather anti-climactic "reconstruction" of the Holloman UFO landing.
In the cold light of the post-cold war, the evidence is starting to look pretty shaky for UFOs. Numbers at UFO conventions and clubs are dwindling. The UK's Ministry of Defence closed its UFO desk in 2009, and, like many countries, has declassified its UFO documents. If there was any smoking gun, you'd imagine it would have been found in our current golden age of leaks and disclosures – but so far there's only been more smoke. On a Guardian webchat in 2010, relating to Wikileaks' release of the US embassy cables, Julian Assange asserted that "many weirdos email us about UFOs" but he'd come across nothing concrete. There were references to UFOs in the cables, he noted, but mostly to do with UFO cults rather than UFOs themselves – in the same way that GCHQ's Art Of Deception slideshow references UFO cults.
If nothing else, the leaked GCHQ document tells us the Mirage Men are still out there, sowing deception and disinformation. These days they're more likely to be targeting suspect extremist religious groups, or hackers and online fraudsters. Meanwhile, recent claims to have "deciphered" hidden backwards messages about UFOs in Edward Snowden's interview only go to show how desperate the alien conspiracy cause has become.
There's something else ufologists are a textbook example of: cognitive dissonance – the mental distress of trying to hold two conflicting worldviews simultaneously. The term was coined in the 1950s by psychologist Leon Festinger, who illustrated it with the example of a UFO cult shattered by the unfulfilled prophecy of an alien visitation. Some tenacious devotees still refuse to accept Mirage Men's findings, says Pilkington: "If beliefs are strongly held, nothing can sway them and anything that appears to undermine them will just be absorbed and repurposed. So if you're really, really dedicated, this is just chaff to throw you off the trail." Pilkington himself has been accused of working for MI5 or being a stooge controlled by the government, if not the aliens. "If I'm under intelligent control from elsewhere then I'm unaware of it, and I'm a victim, and it would be against my programming for me to be able to prove it," he reasons.
As always in the conspiracy-theory hall of mirrors, it's possible to flip the hypothesis on its head: what if the lies and hoaxes Mirage Men reveals are simply a smokescreen for the fact that the authorities really do know secrets about extraterrestrials? What better way to conceal them than by getting "found out" in their disinformation tactics? What better way of throwing sceptics off the scent than disseminating the confessions of an ex-man in black like Richard Doty, in documentaries, and articles in respectable new organisations – like this one. Perhaps we're no closer to knowing if the truth really is out there, but we can be sure the lies are.

Theory: What Do The UFOs Want?
So, given the evidence while subtracting most of UFO popular culture as "rumor", we see UFOs try,and contact military. Since they used the same tactics over the temple at Jerusalem we can assume that the reason they did this was because the aerial display for the military was unsuccessful, i.e. they must have been expecting their revelations to be disseminated to the masses and when that didn't happen they made an attempt to do so themselves. They waited years between attempts to access the situation (wold be my guess on available evidence). Encountering aliens is big news and given the stated purpose of our civilizations on our websites, they probably thought it would be big news and then they could see how the people react (and thus maybe decide if they are worthy of meeting of not). When we opened routes to other countries it has normally/historically been for trade (including medicine) or conquering them. Given the years of observation involved, just from our own country's historical standpoint, we seem to be dealing with a non-violent contact situation with an alien species.

Now the question becomes should we contact them? Well, from a scientific perspective it would benefit civilization in a big way by expanding cultural - and thus scientific horizons - to see much further. From a military perspective, given the number of planets and potential species that could be out there, making allies with friendly aliens seems like a necessity for global security. If there is ever an unfriendly alien incursion in our space (which we clearly are not capable of dealing with) then having allies that would protect us seems like a good (almost necessary) deal. If we are already in such a situation - where their empathy makes them protective of us, as their apparent/probable warnings at nuclear sites suggest - then we should take advantage of it to move our species forward as backward perspectives (such as return to a "golden age") don't lead to progress but disintegration (also, nothing last forever. What if a time comes when they are not around to protect us and we didn't take advantage of this opportunity to move our species science forward and another species finds us that is more warrior/conquering like?).

{Update - Sep 19, 2018} - Note: While the aliens (assuming this UFO footage isn't from a secret city like Wakanda or some secret government project) are approaching nuclear sites they are not stopping wars generally suggesting they are OK with wars of attrition rather than wars of mutually assured annihilation. Why would this be? Even a casual glance at our history shows we have been at constant warfare for "glory" and riches. That situation hasn't much changed. The fact that they haven't intervened in our pointless wars and are just concerned with our species survival, looks really good for them.

Cultural Situation:

Despite the videos released by the Pentagon and the above sort of interviews we have etc., this is the strange media conversation with science guys going on (as if everyone is in deep denial or as if science guys are so used to debunking conspiracy theories base don fantasy that when an official source provides evidence they can only treat it on the same level as all conspiracy theories, like some sort of a con or mistake)...

Some of the facts presented in this news program are;

Military has been running programs investigating UFOs since the 40s.

Recently a video from the Pentagon was released (referring to the same videos in many news clips above, which inspired this post);

Details of the latest UFO research program;

Then they (CBS) bring in a science expert who also jumps around in a weird way, like Neil deGrass Tyson does on the UFO issue, exhibiting the same sort of cognitive dissonance that science people seem to be experiencing everywhere.

Lets walk through the arguments presented here in more detail, in italic, with my replies in brackets();
1. 22 million for a UFo program is chump change (makes sense to me).
2. We are just looking for flying objects where they are not supposed to be (i.e. scared of saying "UFO")
3. If we can't identify an object it could be a military threat and we SHOULD be looking at it (obviously, any potential threats have to be analyzed)
4. On the one in a million or billion chance it it is ET we kinda want to know that as well. (do we really? Doesn't sound like it)
5. Anchor asks if this is the evidence conspiracy theorist have been looking for that the government knows about UFOs (a sensible theory since military would be more competent to observe potential ET since they are part of the strongest military and air power on Earth and would thus easily be able to tell if a sighting is an aircraft of capabilities greater than thiers)
6. Science guy replies that no one knows what UFO conspiracy theorists are thinking (I think thats true.  Alot of them seem to be con artists)
7. He then says that the conspiracy theorists are saying [A] the government knows and [B] they are covering something up. Then he speaks FOR the government saying "I don't think this is what they are looking for. All they are looking for. All that is being said is" (i.e. to "conspiracy theorists" he is saying "you are wrong that's not what this is", while already acknowledging that the program is still going on secretly while acting like he knows whats really going on in the secret military programs... if this sounds credible to anyone its probably because of his title, but to the paranoid conspiracy minded this would be proof of media involvement in a coverup)
8. The government is practicing due diligence and is simply cataloging stuff (thats what you say in THE START of a program to justify doing it in the first place for the $$$, not after releasing a video. But OK)
9. Then he talks about how these objects could be a secret military program (which is a reasonable hypothesis if it wasn't for one thing. The objects have been studied from before the cold war. He did acknowledge that the technology seems to be beyond anything we have.)
10. Then he says, "They (military) started looking in 1947 during the famed Roswell incident" then he says another interesting thing. "its important to remember there were thousands of sightings and only a few hundred remain unidentified. And it doesn't mean they were ET they just couldn't figure out what they were. (700 incidents - given the latest UFO video that HAS been released from official sources - suggests something was there or the military wouldn't be continuously looking for UFOs/investigating them as shown on your own news show)

Then he says something which seems more appropriate for a first time encounter with a UFO by a civilian than a situation with multiple videos released by the military with interviews of the military personnel involved in mainstream news shows;

Anchor asks: You come to this from a scientific background, what do you think UFOs actually are?"

Reply: I generally think, I do so want to believe that they are ET cause that would make the world a more interesting place. I just don't think that what they are at this point. There are way too many worlds out there, millions of trillions and worlds and the idea that these folks would find there way to our skies over the united States, where we have an airplane flying. Its a long shot".

i.e. despite saying these investigations are going on for a long time and UFOs encountering air force jets all the time, he makes it seem that there is only this one video and based on that he making up some random probability statistics that probably don't even include our radio bubble. Its as if UFOs being true is such a big dream of his and he is so worried about being dissapointed he has decided that they don't exist until they buy him dinner like in Neil Tyson's case!

Towards the end of the video, when asked about the footage of the UFO from the Pentagon, he gives another astounding reply (given his earlier statements and how reason works): "I am going to acknowledge that it is unusual. And it is intriguing. Its not a Frisbee. But intriguing does not mean extraterrestrial. Its worth remembering  we have always seen things that looked extraordinary and had ordinary explanations. John Glenn thought he saw fire flies outside his spacecraft and it just turned out to be ice crystals."

Is he saying that multiple Navy pilots and the screening process from the Pentagon could just be a bunch of tired or drunk fools seeing light off frozen water on the camera?

There seems to be a certain unconscious psychological insistence on the non-existence of alien life visiting us, despite the Pentagon releasing videos, by "scientists".

All the excuses used are something you expect from NON-government sources. I guess scientists have gotten so used to saying "we don't know" that even when getting a video form the military they think they must be hallucinating! Or maybe they all believe 9/11 was an inside job and this is somehow some big scam by the military to mess with people and, at least in Tyson's case, saying nothing (no theory/hypothesis whatsoever) is the best thing to do in case the military goes after him... or some crap like that. i.e. there is a strong mistrust and UFO fear factor at play EVEN in scientific analysis;

This is a rocket that is misidentified by the narrator as a UFO (well, it is a UFO to him). The interesting thing about this video is that when the Navy sent out a press release that it was them testing out a ballistic missile over California the narrator said "it seems awfully convenient that they would release a statement like that". What else would they say? I think, this shows how little the UFO community trusts authorities (or even understands what should be identified as a possible UFO as it is meant, i.e. ET aircraft). Once again, the same sort of "UFO" was sighted again in California but this time it was a private entrepreneur by the name of Elon Musk, which sparked fears of invasion (probably because of so many movies of this theme). However, this time, maybe, there was more trust that its not some coverup because is some local rich kid firing his rocket? I would also like to point out that similar fear/hysteria occurred in the war of the worlds radio broadcast which, probably, was able to reach a larger "viewership" than normal due to hyped up fear. In both cases it was assurance by authorities that calmed the populace.

(Sep 6, 2018) Note: Basically what I'm saying is that the UFOs want to be friends (based on all the evidence in this post).

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