Aug 23, 2018

Fox News Has Literally Been Created For Obstruction Of Justice (i.e. Choosing Party Over Country Is What They Are All About)

If nothing else, the Nixon administration's traitors (who believed Nixon should have been above the law) spent decades making sure no GOP president would ever have to answer to the law again.

Wait, What Was Watergate Again? | July 25, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS
Other than making every single scandal have to end in "-gate," what actually was Watergate? And has it been rebooted?

Ailes started planning Fox news while working for Nixon;

In other word Fox "news" isn't a news channel but a channel of political activists (who will clearly do anything to push their views or their masters views);

Jon Stewart Vs Chris Wallace On Fox Bias extended version

Jon Stewart explains how Fox News is just an activist organisation (that shouldn't be using the word of "news" in their title under any context). Jon Stewart also compares and contrasts modern corporate news media pointing out the "liberal media" is just biased towards laziness and sensationalism (fighting Fox, day and night, would be sensational by the way). Basically the left isn't a cult while the right is a cult of activists designed to help one side irrespective of truth which has led to the situation we face today.

So is this the ultimate fruition of a long term plan?...

When the man with unparalleled access to the most advanced intelligence operation in the world prefers to get his information from Fox News, we're all in serious trouble.

And what does Fox do?

Switching sides of an argument to support thier leaders (shaky platform at best);

Michelle Malkin on politics and comedy, then and now
Apparently her opinion has evolved.

Switching sides of an argument to support their leaders (shaky platform at best);

Right-wing media repeatedly compared the Obama administration to Nazis
Right-wing media are incensed that anyone would compare Trump to a Nazi. They compared Barack Obama and his administration to Nazis for years.

One guy, from a Fox's fake business news channel division, has taken dictator style adoration that makes North Korea seem like an open minded country!

The sinister pro-Trump propaganda of Lou DobbsTune in to Lou Dobbs Tonight for creepy adulation of Donald Trump and routine calls to imprison the president’s opponents

At his New Year’s Eve celebration at Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump grabbed a microphone and gave thanks to the guests who paid him several hundred dollars each for the privilege of attending. As he spoke, the president singled out one attendee for some especially fulsome praise: Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs. “The great Lou Dobbs is here, by the way,” Trump said. “Boy, I tell you, I’ve loved him for years, but now I really love him. And you know what? It’s not about me. It’s about -- he is saying what he believes.” To applause and cheers, the president heaped his admiration on the cable news personality: “I just want to tell you, you are fantastic, and we appreciate it. Everybody in this room appreciates it.”
If you know anything about Donald Trump then you can probably guess why he loves and appreciates Lou Dobbs so much: Dobbs is a committed and shameless sycophant to the president. Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson and the other pro-Trump mercenaries who turn Fox News into de facto state television get the lion’s share of attention and criticism, but Dobbs’ Fox Business show is a bluntly propagandistic farce that treats Trump less as a president than a cult leader.
The running theme of Lou Dobbs Tonight is easy to suss out: Trump is single-handedly restoring American glory despite the subversive opposition of his many internal enemies. The president’s adversaries include Hillary Clinton, Democrats, Republican congressional leaders, the “deep state,” the left-wing media, and countless other supposed malefactors. For Dobbs, one critical word aimed at the president is enough to make you a “subversive” and an enemy of the American people.
There are a wealth of examples one could choose from to illustrate this dynamic, but Dobbs’ reaction to Trump’s reported denigration of Haiti and “shithole” African nations offers an apt data point. Dobbs kicked off his January 12 show with a defense of the president’s “colorful language” and a swipe at “duplicitous Dems” who were “claiming offense.” Without actually describing what the president is supposed to have said, Dobbs explained Trump’s “fundamental point” in insulting poorer nations and their citizens: something about the misuse of international aid.
“What has happened to all of the aid that the U.S. government has sent to Haiti over the past quarter century?” Dobbs demanded. “Why should any president, but particularly this one, have to put up with the self-serving ignorance of the Dems and the left who call Mr. Trump a racist because he questioned why all that aid hasn't been enough to diminish if not eliminate horribly persistent poverty?”
No reporting anywhere has linked Trump’s remarks to international aid or poverty alleviation. Not even the White House has tried floating that defense. Dobbs just conjured it up on his own and presented it as an obvious truth that the president, in his serene majesty, stated plainly only to be viciously and unjustly attacked. “President Trump shouldn’t put up with that disrespect, that ignorance, in my opinion,” Dobbs added.
It was insane, counterfactual propaganda delivered with maximum outrage and designed to portray Donald Trump as a near-infallible demigod.
Every episode of Lou Dobbs Tonight is pretty much exactly like this.

By Lou Dobbs’ reckoning, Trump is owed undiluted respect and deference at all times, and even the slightest hint of insolence should not be tolerated.
This goes for everyone, including people who praise Trump but don’t do it quite hard enough to satisfy Dobbs. On December 19, Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union lauded the president for his “good gut” in negotiating the tax cut package. For Dobbs, celebrating Trump’s “gut” was almost an insult. “You said ‘a good gut.’ I understand the praise of intuitive success,” Dobbs said, “but I think it’s time for people to start talking about the man’s intellect, about his judgment, and suggesting he’s intuiting all of this, I think, is a disservice to him.”

Over-the-top hosannas to the massively unpopular president aren’t enough to fill an entire hour of programming. Nor do they adequately stimulate the overdeveloped rage centers of your average cable news viewer’s brain. So, to complement his fawning adoration of the president, Dobbs sprays hot venom at anyone and everyone who he believes has committed the figurative -- or, as we’ll see in a moment, literal -- crime of showing insufficient deference to Donald Trump.
There are a lot of people Dobbs wants to see sanctioned by law enforcement and/or thrown in prison, and the most prominent among them is former President Barack Obama. Last November, Obama went on an overseas trip and, while in Paris, obliquely criticized Trump for backing out of the international climate accord that bears that city’s name. Dobbs, as you might imagine, was not happy about this.
“This is just bad manners. It's boorish, it's absurd. He doesn't realize how foolish he looks,” Dobbs observedon December 1, 2017. “I think the U.S. Marshals should follow [Obama],” he added. “He should be brought back by the Marshals. Isn’t there some law that says presidents shouldn’t be attacking sitting presidents?”

Supporting Trump even through anti American and Anti-Democratic actions (proving party matters more than truth/country, i.e. assuming facts build a nation and lies destroy it);

Introducing the Sean Hannity Extended Universe
Fox News’ Sean Hannity has built the closest thing the right wing has to the Marvel Extended Universe. But while the superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fight villains like Thanos on their own, Hannity and his compatriots want to enlist their audience to support a frightening and anti-democratic response by Trump.

Obstruction Of Justice examples:

Rather than let an investigation finish he has been after the investigation from the beginning using a tactic that worked well for Dick Cheney (so it has precedent, I guess it just doesn't have 9/11 to blind people);

Fox News cries "witch hunt"
Trump's favorite channel has not stopped crying "witch hunt!" since the very beginning of the Russia investigation.

In fact, one person has been laying the ground work for the entire Fox line up to follow;

Study: Sean Hannity spent the last year laying the groundwork for an authoritarian response to the Russia probe I reviewed all 487 of Sean Hannity’s segments about the first year of Robert Mueller's investigation. Here’s what I found.

There’s nothing President Donald Trump hates more than the media, but that’s hardly because he’s indifferent to what the press says about him. Instead, the first 15 months of his administration have been defined by his tirades against outlets that have covered him critically and his fondness for live-tweeting Fox & Friends.
But Trump’s most consequential media relationship is with Fox News host Sean Hannity. While guests on Fox & Friends speak to the president through the cameras, Hannity and Trump are so close that White House staffers refer to the Fox host as Trump’s “unofficial chief of staff.” In personal meetings and late-night phone calls, the Fox host frequently encourages the president to act on his worst and most destructiveimpulses. Trump, in turn, serves as an unofficial producer to Hannity’s show, regularly watching the program, encouraging his supporters to tune in, and reportedly floating segment ideas during their frequent conversations.
That relationship has been very good for Hannity, whose show became the most-watched cable news program last year. And Hannity’s rise has aided Trump by providing an enormous platform to advance a dangerous idea to the Republican base: that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is a sprawling conspiracy that justifies the president using any means -- including trials of the law enforcement officials who initiated the probe -- to stop it.
Hannity’s success has spawned a legion of right-wing imitators who use similarly dire language to hype the menace they say Mueller poses and to prime their audience to support the frightening actions they are encouraging Trump to take in response. Some, like Fox hosts Lou Dobbs and Jeanine Pirro, have also developed personal relationships with the president, advising him both privately and through their programs (for more on Hannity's collaborators, click here).
Understanding the president's increasingly hyperaggressive response to the Mueller investigation requires a familiarity with the paranoid conspiracy theory that Hannity and his compatriots have constructed over the past year.

They also give legal advice! (apparently they believe Trump is guilty cause they think he's lying... is it that obvious!)

Fox News gives Trump legal advice
Fox News is united in their legal advice to the president.

Calls an investigation by the FBI, that has been shorter than most investigations in US history including Benghazi, a "jihad"!

Lou Dobbs calls Mueller investigation “an ideologically inspired jihad”

Yet you have A Fox News anchor OPPOSING main like Nazi style political activism and focusing on facts (suggesting anchors have freedom of expression its just that Fox News has filled its lineup with political activists as per its original Obstruction Of Justice plan, like a part of an elaborate decoy that is now, after all these years since its formation, its only touchstone to reality);

Fox News' Shep Smith shuts down Sean Hannity's lies and propaganda
If you watch Shep Smith's Fox News show at 3 p.m. ET then watch Sean Hannity's Fox News show at 9 p.m. ET, you're often witnessing two different realities. Smith regularly debunks Hannity's pro-Trump propaganda and lies. Here are six minutes of examples.

This suggests there is a freedom of choice amoungst the Fox "News" anchors/personalities and it is primarily the TYPE of people Fox "News" hires that involves their activist promoting strategy that helps with Obstruction of Justice because the activists are personally motivated to win and - when they think they have enough power - to win at all costs (including trying to kill others) which shows what type of people work here and are on Trump's side, i.e. would be terrorists with the brains of a tribe of chimpanzees and Fox likes this. This is what Fox News is about. Obstruction of Justice and following the leader no matter what. For example;

The insane, toxic Trump adulation of Jeanine Pirro Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro sold out her public image and debased herself to become one of President Trump’s go-to pundits

If you were to ask me who Jeanine Pirro works for, I’m not sure I could give you a straight answer. On paper, at least, she is an employee of Fox News, which pays her money to host a weekly show called Justice with Judge Jeanine. It’s a terrible program that exploits the well-worn cable news trope of using a crackpot pundit’s career in law enforcement to give unearned credibility to their howlingly stupid opinions. In theory, Justice with Judge Jeanine is a platform for Pirro (a former judge, former district attorney, failed Senate candidate, and speed-limit scofflaw) to give her take on the week’s top legal stories.
In practice, however, Pirro serves as a combative and vocal propagandist for President Donald Trump. Pirro makes it her business to be the loudest pro-Trump voice in whatever room she happens to find herself in, and she moonlights as an informal adviser to Trump, who reportedly seeks her out for her counsel. Pirro’s advocacy for the president is so aggressive that it often borders on insane -- some of her commentary would be at home in an authoritarian state media apparatus. And she has enthusiastically sold out the cause she built her career in public life on -- advocating for women who were victims of abuse -- to become a sneering and poisonous sycophant to the most powerful elected official in the country.

Now Sinclair is trying to do the same thin as Fox News on a local level (and build its way up ,I'm assuming);

Everything you need to know about Sinclair's takeover of local news
You've heard about Sinclair injecting right-wing propaganda into local news. Here's an in-depth look into exactly how they're doing it—and why it's going to make Trump's path to re-election a whole lot easier. (Is Sinclair sneaking conservative spin into your local news? Find out on our map at


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