Jul 17, 2018

9/11 Science: A Walkthrough The Evidence Suggesting Flight 93 Was Shot Down & The "Plane" That Hit The Pentagon Wasn't A Plane!

Background: BREAKING: "WTC 7 Did Not Collapse from Fire" Dr. Leroy Hulsey... Engineering Experts, 9/11 Families And A Former NIST Employee Call On Congress To Launch A New Investigation Into 9/11!

This post walks you through some of the incredible collections of evidence that suggest Flight 93 was shot down and then covered up, in, what appears to be, one of the dumbest coverups in history! As well as some interesting analysis of the Pentagon "plane crash" that also appears to have been overlooked as far as logical or a scientific analysis goes (as outlined on my facebook page dealing with this controversial yet popular topic). 

1. News reports of F 16s shooting down a plane on 9/11

2. Lack of debris reported by news channels;

3. An eyewitness who claims to have seen Flight 93 get shot down;

4. Rumsfeld's "fumble" that the Flight 93 was shot down;

5. Cheney saying it was Bush who gave the orders to shoot any plane down after the first three attacks (indicating they were going to come clean about shooting down Flight 93 and then they changed their minds... because of similarities in lack of debris to the pentagon plane crash below?;

6. The unrealistic "investigation" of Flight 93 crash site by the FBI;

7. Lack of plane debris at the pentagon "plane crash", suggesting plane may have buried itself underground and covered itself up with grass (if the above investigation of Flight 93 is to be believed);

8. Major General Albert Stubblebine on what must have happened at the Pentagon (analysis of the physical evidence by an ex Major General);

9. Images drawn by Major General Albert Stubblebine about the Pentagon "plane attack";

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