Dec 20, 2017

Lobbyists Get To Write Laws For $$$. Worst Part? Lobbying Is The Same As Bribery

We have a crisis of bribery in this country. Of course, its not a corruption crisis the people are aware of because it's not called by its true name based on its actions, i.e. bribery.

CORRUPTION, AMERICAN-STYLE 11/15/2016  As the U.S. prepares for a potential African-style dictatorship under President-elect Trump, the developing world learns how to market government corruption like America. 


The rest of this post simply documents how bad this problem of unelected private interests using loads of cash to write their own laws for their benefit (and their bought Sentor/Congressman's interests );

How Big Pharma used cash to write its own laws creating the opoid crisis;

TRUMP COMES THROUGH ON THE OPIOID CRISIS (BUT NOT REALLY) 10/26/2017 Trevor unpacks how opioid addiction has escalated to a public health crisis and explains why President Trump hasn't lived up to his campaign promise to fight the epidemic.

As Trevor Noah puts it, $250 Million and you can write your own laws...

 To see who is REALLY writing our laws all we gotta do is follow the money...

Bill Moyers Essay: Washington’s Revolving Door December 14, 2012 In this broadcast essay, Bill shares his perspective on one of the most corrupting D.C. fixtures — the revolving door between Washington leadership and lobbying. That lucrative pathway ensures that “when push comes to shove, corporate interests will have the upper hand in the close calls that determine public policy… no matter which party is in power.”

Bill Moyers Essay: On the Health Industry Lobby October 9, 2009 How can true health care reform come about when powerful lobbyists and government advisers come from or work on behalf of the industry we’re trying to overhaul?

Crony Capitalism

January 20, 2012
This weekend, continuing its sharp multi-episode focus on the intersection of money and politics, Moyers & Companyexplores the tight connection between Wall Street and the White House with David Stockman – yes, that David Stockman — former budget director for President Reagan.

Now a businessman who says he was “taken to the woodshed” for telling the truth about the administration’s tax policies, Stockman speaks candidly with Bill Moyers about how money dominates politics, distorting free markets and endangering democracy. “As a result,” Stockman says, “we have neither capitalism nor democracy. We have crony capitalism.”

Stockman shares details on how the courtship of politics and high finance have turned our economy into a private club that rewards the super-rich and corporations, leaving average Americans wondering how it could happen and who’s really in charge.

“We now have an entitled class of Wall Street financiers and of corporate CEOs who believe the government is there to do… whatever it takes in order to keep the game going and their stock price moving upward,” Stockman tells Moyers.
Also on the show, Moyers talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter and columnist Gretchen Morgenson on how money and political clout enable industries to escape regulation and enrich executives at the top.

“A Swashbuckling Spectacle of Corruption”–Bill Moyers Investigates Abramoff Lobbying Scandal

Veteran journalist Bill Moyers examines the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal in detail in the new PBS documentary, “Capitol Crimes.” Moyers untangles thousands of emails, documents and facts to reveals the web of relationships, secret deals and political manipulation that went on between some of the most powerful men in Washington D.C. Moyers says, “The men who came to Washington in the 1980’s to lead the conservative revolution wound up running a racket. Abramoff was their outside man, outside the White House, outside the infrastructure but he was very welcome inside the government. [Abramoff had] very good ties with Karl Rove, Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform–it was all part of an apparatus that was designed to launder money.” [includes rush transcript] The fallout continues from the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. A new bi-partisan House report released on Friday details extensive lobbying contacts between convicted lobbyist Abramoff and the Bush White House. Investigators found that between January 2001 and March 2004, Abramoff and his associates had more than 400 contacts with White House officials. The committee conducting the investigation noted that the records showed “an unusually detailed glimpse into a sordid subculture of fraud and attempted influence peddling.”

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