Oct 9, 2017

More Experts Debunk The Trump Administrations False Claims About The Economic Benefits Of Their Tax Bill (Which Was Debunked In The 80s)

1. Trump Lied About Being President Of The People, Not Cutting Medicare, Not Cutting Social Security, Increasing Funding For Veterans With PTSD And Even Reducing The Debt! Trump Can't Be Trusted As A Man Of His Word. He's Not Even An American, Except In Name.
2. Daily Show On GOP's Trickle Down Economics: The Republicans Economic Con Is Just The Already Debunked "Supply Side Economics" From The 80s (i.e. Reverse Robin Hood Economics Of Stealing From the People To Line Their Pockets Like "Nobles" In Monarchies)
3.BREAKING... The Misunderstood Economy: What Counts and How to Count It OR Real Economics VS Fake Economics: How The Kochs Are Destroying America By Attacking Its Societal Structures In Favor Of Social Darwinism Or "Survival Of The Fittest"

More and more experts on economics and the history of economic history speak up on the GOP's and Trump Administrations push of fake economics designed to enrich themselves at the cost of the peopel and the nation

Fmr. Treasury Secretary Summers slams tax bill, Mnuchin Larry Summers breaks with tradition and slams the Trump administration's tax bill, saying the president is speaking "nonsense." He explains why the bill is designed to reward the wealthy and says current Secretary Steven Mnuchin's tax claims aren't "serious." Duration: 6:38

Note; While the economic boosting benefits of the GOP tax plan was debunked in the 80s and then again in places like Kansas ... the idea itself of finding an economic boost to cover loses of income to the peoples government (government of "we the people") so people can enjoy tax cuts AND the nations economy and general wealth can grow is a good one. Unfortunately in the Trump Administration its just a lie by rich oligarchs who are more like communists & dictators than Americans. Bernie Sanders came up with a great idea of boosting the econmoy using actual physical products with proven economic benefist in 2016 i.e. taxing Marijuana to boost Federal income and local economies for an overall economic boost in the whole of the US (& probably the whole world). A possible future of plenty and economic growth lost in the egos of maniacs.

Bernie Sanders laughs at Donald TrumpThe senator can't contain himself after the president claims that the GOP tax plan "is going to cost me a fortune." Duration: 6:04

GOP tax plan: Take from poor. Give to rich! The CBO says the Senate tax bill is even worse than we thought. But Republicans are plowing ahead anyway. Duration: 6:39

GOP tax plan hurts average Americans: Economist Economist Joseph Stiglitz says the GOP tax plan hurts average Americans. Stiglitz also shares his vision of what tax reform is. Duration: 7:22

Matthews: Trump’s tax bill is Christmas for the 1%Chris thinks the tax bill Trump is pushing is an insult to democracy. Duration: 1:54

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