Jul 30, 2017

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 27 (2011)

BAD NEWS BAIER 3/31/2011 Bret Baier needs to be warned that bias is seeping into Fox News after his boss admits to mischievously speculating about Obama.

TONE DEF POETRY JAM 5/11/2011 A White House invitation to Grammy-winning vegetarian Common sparks controversy at Fox News.

TONE DEF POETRY JAM - LYRICS CONTROVERSY 5/11/2011 The only way to express the ridiculousness of Fox News is through a musical iteration of the spoken word.

CORP CONSTITUENCY 5/11/2011 Stephen wants to know why Viacom won't let him talk about his Super PAC when Karl Rove and Dick Morris can do it on Fox News.

MITT ROMNEY LEADS IN FOX NEWS POLL 6/9/2011 Mitt Romney can't keep the cameraman's attention when he announces his presidential candidacy.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

Fox News IS Fake News!

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