Jul 12, 2017

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 19 (2009)

WILLIAM JEFFERSON AIRPLANE 8/5/09 Bill Clinton frees two journalists from North Korea, but Fox News is convinced there's a cloud attached to the silver lining.

MOMENT OF ZEN - FAR-LEFT LOON POLLERS 8/17/09 Far-left loons influence Bill O'Reilly's poll results on "The O'Reilly Factor."

FOX NEWS: THE NEW LIBERALS 8/19/09 Fox News turns into the liberal media by defending protesters, criticizing the president and shoving its values down America's throat.

MOMENT OF ZEN - TAKING A CUE FROM BABS 9/22/09 Fox News' Neil Cavuto thinks the press should take cues from Barbra Streisand.

MOMENT OF ZEN - CHICAGO IS TOO DANGEROUS FOR THE OLYMPICS 10/5/09 Fox News anchors question whether the 2016 Olympics should take place in lawless Chicago.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

Fox News IS Fake News!

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