Jul 9, 2017

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 16 (2009)

MOMENT OF ZEN - FOX MAKES OBAMA FEEL BAD 2/4/09 Barack Obama admits to saying he'll watch Fox News and feel bad about himself.

FOX NEWS REPORTS JOE BIDEN'S GAFFE 2/26/09 Fox News' "if you see something, say something" policy pays off with another Joe Biden gaffe.

TEMPEST IN A TEA PARTY - NATIONWIDE TAX PROTESTS 4/16/09 With the advent of tea party protests, Fox News becomes the new proud voice of the people's revolution.

MOMENT OF ZEN - STOP TALKING 4/8/09 Fox News' Neil Cavuto asks a guest to stop talking over him.

MOMENT OF ZEN - DON'T GET STUNG 4/23/09 A Fox News correspondent doesn't want to get stung.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

Fox News IS Fake News!

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