Mar 28, 2017

Dick Cheney Exposed With The Daily Show - Part 6 (2004)

Part 5: Dick Cheney Exposed With The Daily Show - Part 5 (2003-4)

Part 6...

MOMENT OF ZEN - HOTEL BOMB 3/18/04 Dick Cheney says the world is safe, while footage from Iraq shows the aftermath of a hotel bomb attack.

DUCK DUCK RECUSE 3/24/04 Is Justice Scalia denying he's biased or that he and Dick Cheney are "doing it?"

VICE CAPADES 4/29/04 Vice President Dick Cheney took time out of his busy schedule of not revealing anything to deliver a harsh anti-John Kerry speech.

BOB WOODWARD PT. 2 4/29/04 Dick Cheney is connected to the Oval Office by a long leash so he doesn't go too far.

MOMENT OF ZEN - GOOD TALK 4/29/04 President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney had a good conversation with the 9/11 commission.

Dick Cheney

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