Dec 13, 2016

Weird Political Strategy By Napolitano & Hannity (The Cliven Bundy Conspiracy)

1. Salon - Fox News' worst Cliven Bundy lies: 22 right-wing delusions about the absurd standoff 
2. Media Matters: Cliven Bundy Praises "Hero" Sean Hannity, Warns Of Civil War 
3. Media Matters: The Conservative Media Who Brought You Cliven Bundy

This is one of the things ex-Judge Andrew Napolitano betrayed the Constitution for, I thought I should at least provide a basic overview.

Interview on Hannity? ...

APOCALYPSE COW - WELFARE RANCHER APRIL 21, 2014 - In a surprising move, Sean Hannity comes to the defense of Cliven Bundy, an anarchic Nevada rancher determined to trespass on federal land to feed his cattle. (4:30)

GRAZED AND CONFUSED - HANNITY OBSESSION APRIL 23, 2014 In contradiction to his unwavering patriotism, Sean Hannity's support of an anarchist rancher goes against the principles of the founding fathers he admires so much. (6:47)

GRAZED AND CONFUSED APRIL 23, 2014 - Sean Hannity directs some harsh insults at one of his greatest fans. (4:22)

MOMENT OF ZEN - LIVESTOCK LAWNMOWERS APRIL 23, 2014 Sean Hannity shares his thoughts on how the federal government should feel about anarchist rancher Cliven Bundy. (0:07)

Once again, fingerprints of the Koch Brothers! ...

Media Matters: The Koch Brothers Are Using Fox News Employees As Campaigners 

Koch Brothers

Analyzing Fox News Rhetoric

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